Thursday home learning 7th January

WOW! What another fantastic day of learning. It makes us so proud to see so many of you working very hard although we are not in the classroom. A big thank you to your adults too, for helping you onto the zoom calls each morning and posting your work onto seesaw. I hope that your adults are enjoying the learning too! We look forward to seeing you each morning so ready to learn. Let’s get started with our activities for today…… we will copy and paste the sheets directly onto the blog post but will also put up an option for you to download if this is easier for you to access and print 🙂 Happy learning!

Phonics- Today we are going to be practising the ‘ch’ phoneme! Write the ‘ch’ words underneath the matching picture. Then can you practise segmenting and blending using your robot arms? (We really enjoyed watching some vidoes of children doing fantastic blending!)

Then complete the words for the pictures and segment and blend.

English- Continue with your weather diary! Remember to use your capital letters when writing the day of the week!

Maths- Counting 11 to 20. Today you will practise writing and presenting numbers within 20. Watch the video then have a go at these activities!

Geography- To begin our new topic ‘Splendid Skies’ here is a little activity that you may enjoy safely in an outdoor space……..

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