Home learning – Monday 1st February

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So… A new week and some new learning to be done! We hope you are looking forward to doing some more amazing learning! We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

The blog is going to look a little different as we will be posting the PDFs to download with all the work and explanations and some videos to watch.

English – Today we are going to be looking at two suffixes: -er and -est!

Phonics – We are learning about reading and writing two syllable words!

Maths – Today we are going to be learning about related facts. We sometimes call these ‘fact families’ and it means finding all the different addition and subtraction number sentences that we can use for the same set of numbers. Eg. If I know that 2+3=5, I also know that 3+2=5, 5-3=2 and 5-2=3.

Computing – We are going to do some coding today! Find your coding game with this link:


Home learning- 29th January

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Well done for all your hard work this week. As always, you have worked so incredibly hard and you all deserve a relaxing and fun weekend πŸ™‚

Here is the learning for today:

English: Today we will be adding -ing and -ed to words and looking at how the meaning of the root changes.


Maths: Subtraction crossing 10

Watch the video and then have a try at the activities

PSHE: Today we will be exploring our feelings.

Wednesday 27th January- Home learning

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First of all, Dojo point for Miss Webster for working out how to do add these animations! It had to be a dog, of course πŸ™‚

A great day of learning yesterday. You are making us smile each day with all the work that you are doing. You really are superstars πŸ™‚ Your postcards were so lovely to read and we were super impressed with how well you are using your phonics and your capital letters! Keep up the amazing work, everyone.

Let’s get started with todays fun learning!

English- Finishing our postcards!

Phonics- Today we will look at: do, when, out and what

Maths- Subtraction crossing 10.

Art- observational drawing

Home learning – Tuesday 26th January

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English –

Phonics –

Maths – Today we are doing subtraction by counting back on a number line. Here’s the video to explain:


This afternoon … Spend some extra time on Lexia to practise your phonics. Then, do some PE.

Home learning- 25th January

Another week of learning is about to begin. We are so looking forward to seeing so much more of your fantastic work πŸ™‚

Here are the activities for today:

English- This week we are going to imagine that we have visited France for a nice hot holiday! We are going to be planning for a piece of writing so that we know what to write in a postcard later on in the week πŸ™‚ In your planning you will need to choose a type of food that you have tried in France (Remember that we are just pretending) and 2 activities that you have done while you are on holiday! Today we are going to be researching some information about France to help us. See the pictures below and choose some of these things to include in your postcard. Then use the planning frame to begin to plan.

Phonics- Today we are going to be practising some blue words. We will be learning to recognise and read ‘have’ ‘come’ ‘some’ ‘like. In the first activity, colour in each word the correct colour shown on the colour key. Then read the sentences and circle each time you see one of these words.

Maths- Subtraction not crossing 10. Today we are going to be subtracting numbers within 20! Look at the pictures to help you answer the questions. What is it asking you to do? Which number is it asking you to start with? How many do you need to subtract? You may also want to use part whole models, drawings or a number line to help you solve some of these. Remember: When we subtract we start with the whole.


Geography- In geography today, you are going to become a weather reporter and create a weather report explaining what weather is happening in the United Kingdom.

Home learning – Friday 22nd January

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Wow everyone, we’ve made it to Friday again! Your work this week has included more writing than ever before and some really tricky maths and topic work! You have done some amazing work and we are so grateful for everything you have done. To all the adults – thank you so much and a huge well done for everything you are doing to help and support your children, whether it’s writing out worksheets, printing things off, helping them get onto zoom, sharing their work on Seesaw or just helping them to get their work completed. It all makes a huge difference!

Here’s your work for today:

English – Today we are going to do a reading comprehension activity.

Phonics –

Maths – Today’s maths is adding again, but this time we are adding by making 10 first and then seeing how many extra ones we have left over.

Here’s the video:


PSHE – Today we are going to look at our feelings and learn about how to cope with feeling angry. This lesson will involve lots of discussion with your adults and should be a chance to share ideas together. Here is a little video you might want to watch:


Home learning – Thursday 21st January

Well done for some more fantastic work today πŸ™‚ We have especially enjoyed reading your explanation texts about the Water cycle and can’t wait to read some more! AND another well done for the awesome maths completed today. Adding those numbers were tricky but you all did so well. You always work so hard! Keep up the excellent listening on our zoom calls too!

Let’ get started with our activities today…

English- You are going to continue with your excellent explanation text of the Water cycle. Remember to use the word banks to help you! We were very impressed with your writing yesterday. Think carefully about hat your sentences will need.

OR… you can have a go at reading the sentences with your adults and fill in the missing words to explain what happens. Then you can draw a picture at the end. It is up to you how you would like to present your explanation.

Remember to use the word bank to help you include scientific vocabulary.

Phonics- Draw the soundbuttons underneath these words and practise blending them. Once you have done that, write the words in red into the phoneme frames. This helps us to see how the word is broken up into sounds.

Maths- Today we are going to be finding and making number bonds. There is a video that you can watch too! Today you will need to complete some number sentences by working out what the two parts are and then you will have some bar models to complete! Have fun!


RE- The story of Buddha

Last week, we studied a picture of Buddha and learnt a little bit about the religion Buddhism. This week we are going to be reading the story of Buddha and retelling it to show our understanding. You may want to record yourself retelling the story and posting it to seesaw so you can teach us πŸ™‚

Home learning – Wednesday 19th January

Wow we are halfway through the week already, let’s keep going and see if we can start to write about the water cycle. You are doing so well and you are all making us so proud, we can’t wait to see what you can do today!

English –

Phonics –

Maths – Today we are going to be adding ones using number bonds. This means adding ones to a number between ten and twenty by looking at the ones digits and adding them first. E.g. If we are adding 12 + 4 we know that 2+4= 6 (the ones digits) then we know there is an extra ten (from the number 12) so we can add that on… 1 ten and 6 extra ones makes 16.

Science –