Seesaw comments 21.5.20

What a lovely sunny day it has been ! And seeing your work on seesaw has made it even better! You are all continuing to work so incredibly hard and we really are so proud of you.

Arthur- Your letter to me about reading the Harry potter audio books really made me smile! That is amazing that you have finished ALL of them now! Your classroom at home looks wonderful and I really enjoyed your tour of it. I am looking forward to seeing more of this fantastic work. Well done for that beautiful writing too.

Allira- your patterns were really lovely! I like how you used lots of different colours too. I think my favourite one was the last one as it really made me think about what would come next! I am also very pleased to hear that you enjoyed the phonics and maths games.

Katie- Great maths work today. I like that you wrote the numbers next to the dienes to help you compare them. You did some great counting! It also looked like you had lots of fun printing with apples. I like the colours you have used too.

Elodie- It was lovely to see the picture of you working hard with your art activity. How exciting that you have got caterpillars! I do hope you keep us updated with pictures on seesaw so we can share the excitement with you!

Adele- Adele it was really lovely to read your story that you created. Yikes! Those giants sound terrifying but what a great idea you had to help save the fairies! I could really tell you have used your great imagination for that story. And another well done for your maths work that you have done today too.

Tommy M- I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your phonics today. That alien game sure is fun! I am sure your phonics is getting better each time you practice.

Sadie- It was lovely to see you not only reading your tricky words so beautifully but also showing independence when reading the instructions too! I was super impressed that you knew those words! Well done for also showing resilience with your maths work. That was great comparing of those big numbers!

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