Friday’s learning 22.5.20

Another glorious day of sunshine AND some more amazing work hopefully! Here are your activities for today:


Read the story and circle or underline all the digraphs and trigraphs you can see. Remember: digraphs are sounds made by two letters together like er, ng, ch and sh. Trigraphs are sounds made by three letters together like ear and air.

Maths- Use the pictures to help you answer the questions. Today we are asking you to find one more and one less than these numbers. Once you have done this activity, Perhaps you can try and make your own number and find one more and one less. Roll the dice twice to get your 2 digit number and write it down in the middle of your paper. Can you write the number that is one less and write it to the left of your number and then write one more to the right like this:

My number I have made is 64 so … 63 64 65

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