Exciting post!

Today we got a lovely surprise from the LMPS postman. An envelope from Kensington Palace!

Last term we wrote letters to members of the royal family, learning how to formally address different members of the royal family and using our most polite language.

Some of us chose to write to Harry and Meghan to congratulate them on the news that they are expecting their first child.

Inside the envelope was a letter from the secretary to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan). Our replies included a letter to all of the children in year 1 and individual cards for the children who had written.   

5 comments on “Exciting post!

  • Isabel m says:

    I found this reply very exiting to hear from them I would love to do this again it is so fun to hear about what they have to say .

  • Isabel m says:

    I really enjoyed receiving this letter from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex it was really exciting to see what they had to say about our letters we sent to them . I wish I could do this again and see what reply I get back.


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