How can we measure the wind?

This afternoon we have set up a weather station outside the year 1 classrooms. We are going to keep a record of how the weather changes.

We will use a thermometer to find out the temperature, collect and measure any rainfall, and observe the amount of cloud in the sky.

We have also made wind catchers to take home so that we can see how strong the wind is.

Wonderful Weather

This half term our topic is called Splendid Skies. We will be learning about the four seasons and weather.

We started the topic by making our own weather.

We made tornadoes in empty bottles, using glitter. When we spun the bottles round quickly the glitter and water created a vortex!

Then we created our own snow by mixing shaving foam and bicarbonate of soda. It was fun to play with.

Finally we created rain clouds by making cloud of shaving foam on the top of a jar of water. When we dripped blue food colouring into the cloud it dripped through and looked like rain in the jar!