Paws, Claws and Whiskers

We have nearly finished our exciting topic all about animals. We have had a fantastic time finding out about different species of animals, investigating camouflage by hunting for furry ‘caterpillars’ among the green and brown plants and learning some big scientific words such as; camouflage, predators, habitats, endangered, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

We have produced artwork and designed our own zoo maps and enclosures, thinking about what we would need to put inside to keep the animals happy and healthy.

We have written fact files about tigers and retold the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, making up our own ‘The Tiger Who Came to School’ stories.

We enjoyed our visit from an traditional African story teller, who taught us that some stories have messages to help us learn from our mistakes. We even helped to act some of them out.

We are very excited and looking forward to performing our class assembly tomorrow to share just a small selection of the work we have been doing this half term. We hope you will recognise some of the songs and sing along!

Here are some of our pictures from this topic.

World Book Day in Year 1

We have had a fantastic day celebrating books and reading. This morning some children from year 6 came to read with us, we loved sharing books and taking turns to read. It was fun to listen to the older children telling the stories, they made them really exciting by using expression and changing their voices.


After break we turned detective to create wanted posters for a suspicious thief who had been filmed taking books from our library, we really stretched our vocabulary to think of some amazing adjectives (mysterious, creeping, strange, sinister). Here are the posters that Clara and Sophia made.

This afternoon we wrote reviews of our favourite books, there were some great choices. We had to say who our favourite character was, give the title and author, recommend the book to others and give a short summary. Igor chose Harry Potter and Kayla chose Owl Babies.


Which book would you recommend?

We looked amazing in our costumes and could talk about why we had chosen to come as those characters.