Splendid Skies

This half term year 1 are finding out about the weather and seasons in our topic “Splendid skies”

We started off on a blustery day by reading a poem called “Who has seen the wind?” By Christina Rossetti. The children learned some of the poem off by heart and performed it to each other. I wonder if anyone can still remember poem? Have you tried teaching it to someone at home?

In the afternoon we went on a lovely sensory walk around the school, looking up at the sky and searching for signs of the weather. We could see the trees blowing in the wind and the clouds moving across the sky. We listened to the sound of the howling wind and the trees creaking. We found lots of interesting natural objects such as feathers, berries, leaves, snail shells and twigs. We know that we are in the season of Winter because it is cold, all of the leaves have fallen off the trees and we have been seeing frost and snow.

We have also got lots of things we would still like to find out on our topic and have written some of our questions down.

Why are rainbows different colours?

Where do clouds come from?

Why are snowflakes different shapes?

Why is the sun hot?

How do we get thunder storms?

(And many more)

We will have to work hard to find out some of the answers!

We will also be setting up our own weather stations, why not try making a simple weather station at home – you could collect rain water in an empty bottle and measure how much rain has fallen with a ruler. You could put a thermometer outside to check the temperature. We will be making our own wind catchers next week so you will be able to see how strong the wind is and which direction it is blowing in.

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