Engineers of the FUTURE!

What a fabulous science lesson we had in Silverbell last week when we built bridges made from different materials.

Firstly the children had to make a prediction which material would build the strongest bridge.  The materials that Miss Webster prepared were paper, plastic, cardboard, wood and spaghetti.  The majority of the children thought that wood would be the strongest and hold the most weight.  Along with the material the children could only use one fixing material choosing from elastic bands, masking tape, sellotape or blu-tac.

The children had to show lots of the school values as they worked together as a team by showing respect as they listened to each others ideas.  They also showed lots of resilience and aspiration when one idea didn’t quite work and they had to try to make it better.  You can tell from their finished bridges that they were very passionate about their project and how proud they were over the completed model.

Which bridge do you think was the strongest?


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