A Royal visit in Year 1

This afternoon we received a special Royal visitor to Year 1, Her Majesty the Queen!

To prepare for her visit we learned to sing the National Anthem, practiced bowing and curtsying and learned about some of the important Rules when meeting a member of the Royal family.

We also prepared a special tea party with cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge cake.

We were all very excited and the Queen was very impressed with our polite manners and excellent behaviour.

We will be using the Queen’s visit to help us to write recounts and inspire us to learn more about London as part of our Bright Lights, Big City topic.

I wonder if anyone has visited London? Do you have any pictures of yourself there? 

Muddy Adventures

This morning was our first Muddy Adventures session of the term. We had a great time exploring the new things that have been added, swinging in the hammock, cooking in the mud kitchen, climbing trees and performing on the stage. Miss Lindsey made us toast and set up a halloween treasure hunt.

Luckily the weather stayed dry and we all had a brilliant time.

We can’t wait for next week!

Handwriting Hero

This week’s star writer has been working hard to improve his handwriting!

Harry was so proud of his writing and worked hard to keep all of the letters on the line, write the letters of each word closer together and make his writing smaller.

He needed a lot of resilience and kept having another go to keep making improvements.

You can really see the difference in just one lesson!

Well done Harry I!

Superhero artwork

As part of our superhero theme we have been designing superhero logos and masks. We had to think about the special powers our invented heroes might have, what colour costume they might wear and what symbols they would have on their logo.

We have also learned about the three primary colour and used them to create superhero, onomatopoeia designs.

Yr 1 star writer

This week the children have been learning about different types of sentences, such as; facts, opinions and questions.

Freya wrote some facts about Jasper, a helper dog for the disabled (who is a real life hero).

She has used her best, joined handwriting and included adjectives to add descriptions to her facts.

Our first star writer

We have all been working very hard to write in full sentences, remembering to start with a capital letter, leave a finger space between each word and put a full stop at the end of each sentence.

Sometimes we get to practice our skills in our creative writing books. We are given a picture to look at and can write a description of what we can see, a story or even a poem.

Evie wrote eight sentences to tell me what she could see in the picture. She tried really hard to sound out some tricky words, with only a little bit of help from an adult. Well done.

Race for Life.

We have to say a massive well done to all the children in both Y1 and Y2 who took part in this afternoon’s Race for Life.   Even though it was incredibly warm for a late September afternoon everyone of these very young children took huge pride in being able to run and complete the three laps of the Chelmsford City Stadium.

All of the children appeared to have a great understanding of why we were running today and cheered on those who were still running.  They are truly an inspiration and showed our school values in lots of ways today.

All of the staff in KS1 are extremely proud of them and we have to say a huge thank you to Miss Lyndsay, Mr Pearson and Miss Chittick for organising the event for us.

You will be able to see from the photos below how much the children enjoyed their afternoon of fund raising.