Silverbell Star Writer

What a great piece of writing from Ellie today.

We have been finding out about different religions in R.E. this term.  This week we looked at why Mount Hira and the cave at the top of it is important to those who follow the Muslim faith.

Ellie has written about how Mohammad wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mecca and have some quiet peaceful time alone.  She has remembered about the sky changing colours before Mohammad fell asleep and how he had to have the message sent to him three times before he realised that he could read the scroll that appeared to him.

Ellie I am very impressed that you have remembered so much from the input and have included this in your writing today.  You have also remembered the non-negotiables that we use when writing and included these.

Well done Ellie you certainly deserve to be our Star Writer this week.


Cultural Day

On Thursday we held a whole school cultural day.

We were very lucky to welcome two visitors into Sycamore; Mr Sathiyanathan told us about Sri Lanka and taught us to say hello in Tamil and Alysia from yr 4 came to talk to us about growing up in Romania.

We then tried to pronounce the longest place name in Wales (Have a go, it’s a bit tricky!) and made Welsh daffodils.


Then we flew off to Brazil to learn about the rainforest and make some monkeys.

After lunch it was a whistle stop tour to South Africa and Thailand to learn the gumboot dance and design patterns.

We had a busy and brilliant day!

Sycamore Star Writer

This week’s star writer is Stan. He has worked really hard to join his writing and showed great passion and aspiration by wanting to give more and more detail.

We were challenged to apply for a place to join the Pirate Captain’s crew and had to write him a letter explaining why we would make a good pirate. We were trying to use lots of persuasive adjectives.

Super writing Samuel!

This morning we welcomed lots of dads into the school. In sycamore we imagined that we had been stranded on a desert island after a shipwreck. We had to think about how we would survive and luckily we found an empty bottle and some paper! We decided to write a message in a bottle to try to get help.

Samuel really threw himself into the task, writing a very informative letter with lots of detail, so hopefully someone will rescue us soon.

Here is what he wrote.

Dear whoever finds this note,

We are stranded on a terrible island with 9 rocks. There was a ferocious storm the waves were like mountains. Our island has got gold sand and the palm trees have got coconuts. We have hunted for food and I made a bowl to collect water. Please come and save us.

From Samuel

A fantastic day out

On Monday Sycamore class went to visit Hyde Hall. We had a great day, learning the names of some plants, identifying trees by matching the leaves to a picture and smelling the oils produced by the beautiful flowers and herbs. One of our favourites was the lavender, we also liked the roses.

We met some very greedy and friendly ducks who ate seeds from our hands.

We really enjoyed hunting for fluffy, woolly caterpillars who were hiding on the plants. Some of them were easy to spot because they were brightly coloured. Some of the caterpillars were camouflaged, I wonder if you can remember which colour were the hardest to find?


On Wednesday we wrote recounts of our visit. We could remember lots about the day and all said we had a brilliant time.

Hyde Hall

The weather was glorious for our trip to  Hyde Hall.  We enjoyed the company of Karen, Terry and Helen who are volunteers and helped to organise our day.  They were so enthusiastic and showed us so many different habitats in the gardens.  We spent sometime in the classroom looking at ‘The Dead Table’ when we looked at the skeletons of several species including frogs, hares and bats.  We also had the opportunity to plant a pea seed and make a paper pot for it.  We fed the ducks that were so tame they would eat their food straight from our hands.  We went on a plant hunt to identify different varieties that are growing in the different areas of Hyde Hall.

We would like to say a big ‘thank’ you to all of the helpers who came so we could go on our trip but especially to Mrs Baxter and Mrs Black.

Wonderful writing in Sycamore

In RE this week we have been learning about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Pritiga was very keen to share what she knew and chose to write about the God of the sky – Indra. She tried really hard to spell some tricky words independently and remembered to use a capital letter for a name. She also included an interesting fact about Indra’s elephant – can you spot it?.

Great effort.


Silverbell Star Writer

Miss Webster and Mrs Gibbs were so impressed with this piece of writing from Luiza.  She has written enthusiastically about what she has done over the half term holiday and used her phonic knowledge to spell words that she was unsure about.

You have also remembered what makes a successful writer and included capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

It looks like you had a brilliant time at the water park and at Jump Street!

Keep up the good work Luiza.