Super Storytelling

This week in literacy we have been retelling the story ‘Sharing a Shell’. We found lots of rhyming words in the story and said what we liked about it, some of us even wrote a book review.

All of the children have been practising using full stops and capital letters correctly, writing with neat, joined handwriting and reading their work back to check that it makes sense. We have all done some fabulous writing.

But Miss Dearing particularly liked Harry Jaques’ writing. He used interesting adjectives to describe the characters and objects in the story and included some speech with inverted commas (Speech marks). He concentrated really hard and produced three pages of really neat writing in just two lessons.

Well done, you should feel very proud of your work!


We are TV chefs

This half term we have combined our DT and Computing to become TV chefs. We had to design a tasty sandwich and think about how to cook safely. We then had to practise being cameramen and women, thinking about how to use close ups and different angles to show the sandwiches being made.

On Thursday we filmed our partners presenting the recipe in the style of a TV chef. Then we too our delicious sandwiches outside to eat!

Silverbell Star Writer

Well done to Jamie this week, you have worked extremely hard on forming all of your letters correctly.

You have listened carefully to the story of ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson and have been able to retell it in your own words.

Not only is your handwriting amazing you have also included all of our non-negotiables which include writing on the line, capital letters, full stops and to use finger spaces.

This is such amazing work Jamie you have made Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Saveall very proud!


Star Writer in Silverbell

This term in history we have been looking at holidays in Victorian times.

We have written postcards about what a day trip or holiday might have been like back in the 1850s.

We talked about what was similar including building sandcastles, swimming in the sea and if we were lucky we might get a ice cream.

Some of the differences in the holidays are that you had to pay a 1p to sit on a bench, you changed into a swimming costume that looked more like a dress in a bathing machine and you might have the chance to watch a Punch and Judy show.

Eleanor our Star Writer was able to tell us about her trip to the sea side,  how the sea was freezing cold and that she enjoyed an ice cream too.

Eleanor is our Star Writer because she remembered all of the ‘Non-Negotiables’ which include writing neatly and on the line, finger spaces between each word, capital letters and full stops.

We are very proud so keep up the good work Eleanor.

Mrs Gibbs and all the Silverbell Team.