Star Writer

Today we have been writing Acrostic poems.  Acrostic poems are a type of poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word.

We used different words that are special to this time of year including Easter, mother and frog.

Our Star Writer with only a little bit of help was able to find a word that started with the correct sound, he was able to form the letters correctly  and he tried hard to remember his finger spaces.

Well done Aaron you have made Mrs Baxter feel very proud.

Keep up this good work.

Super Science Themed Writing

To fit in with our space theme for science week we have been writing descriptions of an alien planet. We had to use our imaginations to think about what we would see and feel around us. We were learning to use adjectives to add description to our writing.

Harry J wrote this fantastic description.

What adjectives can you spot?

Science Week

Year 1 have had a fantastic time this week, celebrating British Science Week 2017.

We have spent the week studying around the theme of space; making rockets, writing descriptions of strange planets and aliens, investigating length using rockets and alien slime trails and carrying out investigations.

We started the week by building our own rockets and labeling diagrams to show their different features.

On Tuesday we worked in our house teams to carry out lots of different science experiments; finding out about static electricity with balloons, mixing acids and alkali’s to create gas and inflate balloons, firing balloon rockets and mixing colours. It was fun to work with children from other year groups and visit other classrooms.

On Thursday we found out how to make a simple lava lamp. We used water, food colouring, vegetable oil and salt. It’s really very simple; Mix the liquids together and watch the oil float to the top. Then pour in a spoonful of salt and watch the bubbles float and sink! Why not try it at home?



On Friday we met ‘Dinoman’ from the Mobile Natural History Museum. He brought in lots of dinosaurs for us to meet and explained what they ate, how they defended themselves and what happened when the dinosaurs became extinct.

It has been a busy week and we have had lots of fun!

MAGs Day in Silverbell

Thank you to all the mums who came into our classroom today we hope you enjoyed  discovering all about aliens and their planets.  We have enjoyed reading the children’s writing this afternoon and finding out which adjectives they have used to describe their alien.

We thank you for the help you gave to the children when they used the rulers to solve measurement problems with Miss Webster.

The children were very enthusiastic about the workshops you attended with them in PE and science.

I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did and here are a few photos from our morning.

World Book Day

We have had such a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day in year 1. The children all looked fantastic in their traditional story character costumes!


This morning we became authors and wrote our own stories, using objects that were hidden in a magic story box.

After play the children from year 4 came to read with us. We could choose some of our favourite stories to share with the older children. It was brilliant to listen to their fluent reading and amazing expression and we even got to discuss the stories afterwards.


Have you designed your own front cover for a story book? Remember to hand them back in (if you haven’t already), to try and win the prize!