Star Writer

Mrs Baxter has had such a difficult job this week choosing the Star Writer in Silverbell, the literacy work from all of the class was of such a high quality that she has been in a ‘spin’!

Our topic this term is on Polar Animals and on Tuesday we collected facts about Polar Bears.

We watched a video on the smart board so that all the children could learn about them and Mrs Baxter was able to add a few interesting facts of her own.

Our Star Writer listened carefully to the ‘Steps to Success’ so that her writing would be aspirational , and she was able to use her phonic knowledge to sound out new words.  Phoebe has taken great care to write on the line which in the past she has found tricky. Phoebe has also used bullet points to emphasise each new fact.  Mrs Baxter was impressed that although she has started most of her facts with ‘Polar Bears’ she realised that this did not make interesting reading so she has had the courage to change her mind and begin the facts in a more interesting way.

Well done Phoebe keep up the good work.

Mini-beasts come to Lawford Mead

A big thank you to Miss Dearing for organising such a brilliant morning.

Jack from Feathers and Fangs came along with lots of different creatures for us to look at and hold.

Jack first of all introduced us to Hercules the Giant Horn frog.  Hercules is a non- vertebrate because he does not have a backbone.  Jack told us that Giant Horn frogs are sometimes called Pac Man frogs because they have big mouths and they wait for their food to go past and then they open wide their mouths and grab a delicious snack.


We then found out lots of information about the ostrich.  Jack told us they were the biggest bird that could not fly and that they could run very fast.  He had also brought in an ostrich egg for us to look and.  This egg was huge!  We also had the chance to inspect some feathers from different ducks and also feathers from peacocks.  I think we were all surprised to find out that peacocks not only have long elegant blue/green feathers but that they also have small delicate feathers.

IMG_0690   IMG_0694

Princess Flo was our next guest and she is a Herman Tortoise.  We all loved holding Princess Flo, as she had a hard shell, but her feet were quite sharp as she had claws and her legs were rough because of the scales.  Jack told us that Princess Flo is a herbivore because she eats only plants and that she is cold blooded.

IMG_3010   IMG_0734  IMG_0737

A few of us were a bit wary of the Royal Python Ezra, who Jack originally thought was a boy when he got her as a baby snake but later found out she was a girl!  Ezra is now nearly 2 metres in length.  Ezra likes to eat mice and this makes her a carnivore as she only eats meat.  Ezra is cold blooded and belongs to the reptile group of animals.  Ezra is very muscley and has scales all over her body but the scales on her belly are smooth and this helps her to slide and slither. Even Justine and Miss Chittick couldn’t stay away and had to come and see Ezra!

IMG_0751  IMG_0757

IMG_0880   IMG_0884


I am so pleased that the next visitor does not need to buy shoes or socks as she has between 400 and 500 legs and she is a millipede.  Although she has so many legs she does not have any eyes but she does have have antennae which helps her to seek out her food of dead leaves.  Millipedes have long slender bodies which have a hard outer shell.


Mrs Saveall was a little bit nervous of meeting the next creature as it was quite slimy underneath but had a very hard shell on top.   Jack told us that this creature produces lots of saliva which helps to make it easy for it to slide over surfaces. Can you guess what sort of creature Mrs Saveall was worried about? (answer at the bottom of the blog!)

IMG_3016   IMG_0831

Our last visitor was very interesting but we were all very pleased that it did not breath fire as his name suggests!  Drago is a Bearded Dragon and as he doesn’t eat meat this makes him a herbivore.  He has lots of scales and when he is scared ‘puffs’ himself up so that he appears bigger than he really is so that snakes don’t try to eat him!  Although Drago had long claws these were not particularly sharp as he uses them to hold on with.

IMG_0854  IMG_0872

IMG_3022  IMG_3025


Thank you Jack for such a fab and interesting morning.

Which creature was your favourite?

(Answer.  Giant Land Snail.)


Number Day for the NSPCC

We have had great fun in Year 1 class raising money for the NSPCC by having a variety of maths activities and wearing our numbered shirts.  It has been lovely to see how many interesting ways children came up with to display numbers on their shirts, we had maths calculations and of course football shirts with their favourite player’s number on.

We started the morning in PE working with a partner to write calculations to match sporting activities.  For example 30 skip jumps + 5 skip jumps = 35 skip jumps. We also recorded calculations to match bench step ups, hopscotch, tuck jumps and star jumps, as well as practising our aiming at target numbers.

During the morning we also had to design and play an addition and subtraction game using counters as tiddlywinks and a target.

This afternoon we coloured patterns on a ‘net’ to make a cube which would contain a maths problem for our friends to solve.

What was your favourite activity and can you estimate how much Lawford Mead has raised for the NSPCC?


IMG_1442 IMG_1415IMG_1423

IMG_1424 IMG_1437 IMG_1442

IMG_2935 IMG_2949 IMG_2953