Star Writer

Well done Lilac you have exhibited our school values in this recent piece of work.  You have shown resilience, respect and aspiration when you have written your instructions for washing your hands.

You have shown respect because you have listened carefully to Mrs Baxter and followed her instructions to ensure that your work is neatly presented.  You have been able to show resilience because this took a long time and you have made a brilliant effort, and lastly you have shown aspiration to make this the best piece of work you have done so far.

Super work Lilac, keep it up!



Mrs Baxter.

Habitats for our Mini-beasts

This week in Year One we have been making habitats for very unusual Lawford Mead Mini-beasts.

We used soil, tissue paper, water, sand, bark, small stones and a tin foil tray to create habitats for them.

Mrs Baxter described the mini-beasts and we had to design a habitat that would suit their needs.

We had a :

Taddydrip:   I eat pond skaters and algae. I need water to lay my eggs in.  I need air to breathe.

Flip-flop-fly:  I sleep in Silverbell trees.  I drink nectar.  Grasshoppers like eat me.

Twinkleslider:   I live under the ground.  I eat tadpoles.  I lay my eggs in dead leaves.

Dandyplop:  I eat ants.  I don’t like the light.  I need to keep my body moist.

Limpox Bug:   I eat seaweed.  I nest in craggy rocks.  I burrow in the sand.

Which mini-beast habitat did you like creating and can you tell me why?

IMG_1349  IMG_1339  IMG_1337



Sycamore’s Star Writer

This week we have all been super busy writing the rest of our stories. Miss Dearing has kept everyone working hard but it has been worth it as we have all produced some of our best writing yet.

But this week’s start writer has to go to Charlie, he kept his head down and worked non-stop to finish his story, making sure he used some impressive punctuation and included all of the detail he needed. When Miss Dearing gave him back his work to check, he was even able to correct some of his own spelling mistakes.

2017-01-20 16.41.19

This is only a small section of his writing, the full story is nearly 5 pages long!

Well done Charlie, you have inspired us all to work hard and Miss Dearing is feeling very proud of everyone this week!

Wonderful writing

This week we have been learning the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Today the children have started to write their own versions of the story, choosing new animals and a new setting. Everyone has come up with some fantastic ideas and worked really hard to write the opening of their story.

Here is one of Miss Dearing’s favourites. Look at the wonderful handwriting and careful spelling.

2017-01-13 16.17.32

Well done Lottie, you have also used some fantastic adjectives (These are words that tell us about something, we have been learning to describe size and colour). Can you spot some of Lottie’s describing words?


This afternoon the children shared some objects and stories about things that were special to them. We met lots of the children’s favourite toys, some were as old as the children! We also saw some photographs of special people and even a picture of Harry’s cat. We had to think about why we chose these special objects and how we look after them. Miss Dearing was really impressed with how clearly the children could talk to the class about their objects. Jake told us all about when his toy dog (Pluto) got lost and then found again, Iaean told us that his photo helps him to think about some of his family when they are not around and Stephanie showed us a picture of her baby brother. Well done for putting a lot of thought into your special objects.

Can you remember what Miss Dearing’s special object was?