Star Writer

This week we have talked a lot about our feelings.  We have talked about what makes us happy, sad and angry.  To help us understand our feelings we have watched the film ‘Inside Out’ and what happens when people feel different emotions and how they react when they feel  that way.

Talking about our feelings this week has helped us understand how other people feel when they are being bullied or treated differently and this has linked very well with our whole school ‘Anti-Bullying’ themed week.

Our star writer this week has thought carefully about what they have wanted to write and has included capital letters, full stops and finger spaces but what has really impressed Mrs Baxter is that he has checked his work and realised that he has missed an important word and has been able to correct his writing so that it makes sense.

Well done Liam and keep up the fantastic work!

Mrs Baxter.



Remembrance Day

This week we have learnt all about why we wear poppies in November.

Miss Webster told us about the soldiers who died in the first world war and that poppies were the first signs of growth in Flanders Field after the battles.

Mrs Baxter found a lovely poem that we have learnt and made actions for.


Star Writing

Well done Drake on being our Star Writer this week.

You have remembered to use capital letters and full stops in your writing about a memory.

It looks like you had great fun at the Halloween party that you had with your cousins.

I really like the way you are showing resilience to make your writing neater.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Baxter.


Ready for Remembrance Day

This week in literacy we have been thinking about Remembrance and finding out why we wear poppes on November the 11th.

We have written some facts about poppies.

Here are some of the things we found out;

Lots and lots of soldiers died in the war. – Max

At 11 O clock on November 11th we have a 2 minute silence. – Sophie

The poppies grew in Flander’s Field. – Charlie

Poppies remind you of the soldiers. – Stephanie



We also learned and performed a poem;

Poppy, poppy what do you say?

Wear me on remembrance day.

Poppy, poppy what do you tell?

Many soldiers in battle fell.

Poppy, poppy what should we know?

That peace on Earth should grow, grow, grow.

Miss Dearing filmed us performing in groups.

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Muddy Adventures

This half term year 1 have started muddy adventures with Miss Lindsey. We are having a great time; exploring the mud kitchen, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, chasing the Autumn leaves and building dens.

img_2587 img_2581

This week it was international den day and as we have been thinking about light and dark we had a competition between the two classes to see who could make the best ‘Dark Den’.

Well done Silverbell, your den was very dark, it was also nice and warm!