Smelly Senses in Science

This week, in science, we have been using our sense of taste and smell to find out how they work.

We had a fun lesson taste testing crisps and trying to guess which flavours they were, we had to smell and then taste the crisps. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be!

Then we made a smell pot, with a hidden smell inside. Miss Dearing had to guess what she could smell in our pots.

We have taken our pots home to test our families – could you tell what was inside?

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Nelson Mandela

We have been learning about Nelson Mandela in literacy as part of our Black History week.

To celebrate the life of this great man we made posters using the different facts we had learnt.  We had to remember not only the fact but how to write it in a sentence not forgetting to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Here are some of the facts we have learnt –

Phoebe  – “He learnt all about the law at school”

Harry – “He went to prison for 27 years”

Tommy Alfie – “He died in 2013”

Luiza – “He was the first black president of South Africa”

Tiffany – “He was 95 when he died”

Can you remember any more facts?

Mrs Baxter

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The Sense of Touch

We had lots of fun in science this week as we continue to learn about our five senses.

We have already looked at the sense of sight and hearing so this week we had the opportunity to investigate our sense of touch.

We looked at many materials that had different textures including sandpaper, tissue paper, corrugated plastic and glitter to name a few, we then used them to make a feely picture of a hand.  Afterwards we discussed how the different textures felt were they hard, soft, rough, spikey or maybe smooth.

Can you find any different textures at home?


Silverbell Star Writer

We have looked at writing a poem using the verbs we have learnt this week.

Our star writer has written a wonderful poem based on our topic book ‘Fly Chick Fly’

We had to look at what the little chick might see as he takes his first flight from the nest.

Alex has thought carefully about what you can see from the sky and what the animals ‘Little Chick’ saw would be doing.  He has also remembered to start each sentence on a new line which is very important when writing poetry, along with remembering his capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Well done Alex you make a brilliant poet.



This week’s star writer

This week we have been learning to use action words in our writing. We have written our own poems about the animals an owl might see as it flies through the  sky.

We have worked really hard to use some adventurous action words and have used our best handwriting to publish our work.

Here is Sumayah’s poem. She copied it all very carefully from her book, without any help, Miss Dearing was really proud of her.


Perfect Puppets

Over the last couple of weeks we have been designing and making our own animal paper bag puppets. We had to think about our design and which materials we would need to use.

Today we have, very carefully, put our puppets together, trying to follow our original design.

Here are some of our designs and finished puppets, we think they look fab, what do you think?

Sycamore Class009

Star writer (Sycamore)

This week we have been finding out all about hedgehogs and making some eye-catching posters to teach others about these fun creatures. We found out lots of interesting facts and wrote non-fiction sentences, remembering our capital letters, finger spaces and, full stops. On Thursday Miss Dearing challenged us to write more than one sentence, that linked together. We were very proud of Samuel who used his aspiration and resilience to write three sentences independently.

Hedgehogs can’t see very well.

Hedgehogs eat worms.

Hedgehogs roll into a ball.

Samuel remembered his capital letter and full stop every time and tried really hard with his spellings.

Well done!


Number Bond Party

This week in maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10.  To help us remember which numbers go together to make 10 we have a number bond rhyme.

Number Bond Rhyme

0 and 10 are big strong men

1 and 9 are feeling fine

2 and 8 are never late

3 and 7 come from Devon

4 and 6 like to do tricks

5 and 5 do the jive

6 and 4 hold open the door

7 and 3 come for tea

8 and 2 are feeling blue

9 and 1 have just gone

10 and 0 are superheroes

Hope you have lots of fun showing your family and friends the actions to our rhyme.

On Friday to show our teachers how much we have learnt this week we had a number bond party.

We made hats and had to find our number bond friend, we played party games using our number bonds and we had some yummy food which we could only get if the numbers added up to 10!

Mrs Baxter and Miss Dearing.

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Star Writer

This week we have watched a video about hedgehogs and learnt so many facts Mrs Baxter thought it would be a good idea to write some of them in literacy.

Our star writer this week obviously listened very carefully to the video as she could recall lots of facts.

Luiza you not only remembered all of the facts from the video but you have remembered everything we have learnt about writing a sentence this year.   You have included capital letters at the start of each sentence, full stops at the end and to make it even better you managed to rest all of your writing on the line.

You really do deserve to be our star writer Luiza, well done.

Mrs Baxter.