Silverbell Star Writer

Wow! What a superstar we have this week for our STAR WRITER.

This week we have looked at a family of hedgehogs learning to cross the road.

On Monday we used our acting skills to help us to remember the sequence of events, then each day we have written a few sentences to describe what happened to the hedgehogs as they crossed the road.

Olivia has listened carefully to the instructions to remember her punctuation but has also made  her story more vibrant by using interesting vocabulary.

Well done Olivia Mrs Baxter thinks you make a great author.

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Sycamore Star Writer

This week I have chosen Bethany as our star writer. We have been writing stories about a hedgehog, here is Bethany’s fantastic work, full of detail with a catchy title!


Roll, Hedgehog, Roll


There were three baby hedgehogs they had to cross the road and they lived with their mummy and daddy.

Daddy went to get food for the baby hedgehogs.

In Summer the young hedgehogs learned to cross the road.


We haven’t finished our stories yet, I am looking forward to finding out what will happen to the hedgehogs!

Race For Life

Well what an exciting afternoon we have had. Well done to all of year 1 for completing the 3 laps of the track. You really showed many of our school values. Passion for running to support a wonderful cause and resilience for getting to the finish line. Some children were obviously inspired by the Brownlee brothers as they were supporting each other and helping their friends to get to the end! Thank you to Miss Chittick  and Miss Lindsay it was a great success. I am sure you will get to hear how much was raised.  Thank you! All the adults in Year 1 now need a lie down to rest their weary legs!

Mrs Baxter

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Star Writer

Over the last week we have been looking at the book ‘Fly Chick Fly’, during literacy we became authors and retold the story in our own words.

Our star writer this week was able to tell the story in the correct order and even tried to join her writing.

Well done Lily on being the first STAR WRITER in Silverbell, keep up the good work.

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Welcome to Year 1

What an exciting first week we have had in Year One.

It was lovely to hear all of the summer news and excited chatter amongst our new classes and we have already settled into some of our routines and have started to learn lots of new things.

In maths we have been learning to count forwards, backwards and to order our numbers correctly. During science this week we drew around one of our friends and then labelled the different parts of their body from their head all the way to their toes.

We have had lots of fun painting our favourite part of our holiday – Mrs Baxter told us about her boat trip and showed us how to make the sea look like it was moving by using the paintbrush in short strokes and colour mixing to make different shades of blue.

In geography I wonder if anyone can remember the word that we used to describe the different types of weather and temperature of different countries?

We hope you have enjoyed your first week in Year One as much as we have.

Mrs Baxter and Miss Dearing.


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