So long farewell Silverbell

What a fabulous last week we have had in the very first Silverbell class.

We have said goodbye to Mrs Kyriacou in a special assembly we have some great memories of working with her and we are all sad to see her go.

We had a wonderful seaside and film themed class party were we paddled in the pool and also watched Rio whilst having sweets and ice creams Mrs Baxter ate far too many jelly babies!

Some of us who have been at school everyday this school year have had a trip to Adventure Island in Southend.  Mrs Mason looked very tired and a little dizzy but fun was had by all.

Children who have completed at least one full term had an activity morning on the school field where they took part in activities like welly throwing, archery and dodge ball. Thank you Miss Lindsay for organising our treat.

If you fancy getting away from it all  this summer why not visit ‘Silver Sands on Sea’ our very own town, designed by Silverbell class, you can even take a stroll along our pier and visit the numerous local attractions.

We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing summer, remembering to  stay safe and we will see you all again next year when you are big Year 2s.

Mrs Baxter, Mrs Saveall and Mrs West.


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Dina School Graduation

Yesterday all of Year One graduated from Dina School.

We were very lucky that so many esteemed guests could come and watch our graduation.

We had our Head Teacher Dina Dinosaur, Wally and Molly, Tiny Turtle and Oscar along with Dina’s new baby Baby Dina.

Over the last year these characters have helped us learn different ways to deal with problems including feeling angry or hurt, how to make friends and how to be a good friend.

We also welcomed some of the Lawford Mead staff to watch us graduate and Mrs Baker, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Mason said they could not be more PROUD of Year One.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of Mrs Kirby so we say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to her.


Salvador Dali

On Friday in Silverbell class we looked at the artist Salvador Dali.  We found out lots of facts about him and I wonder if you can answer the question below from what we found out?

What is Salvador Dali’s full name?

Which country was he born in?

The type of art he does is given a very special name what is it called?

As you can see from the photo below we had great fun using chalk to make a beach scene and then using pastels to alter the clocks to become a part of the scene.


We used some of the original artwork to inspire us.

The_Persistence_of_Memory[1]  dali-art-salvador-dali[1]

Mrs Baxter


Star Writer

Last week’s star writer goes to a young man who at the beginning of Year 1 found writing very difficult.

Over the last few months we have seen a huge improvement in his writing, he has obviously listened very carefully in the classroom and during phonics.

We have been reading Sally and the Limpet as part of our topic and we have written  letters to Sally to tell her all about ourselves.  Our star writer Moeez has included in his letter about his family and what he likes to do, both at home and in school.

Super work Moeez and keep it up in Year Two.

Mrs Baxter.

Moeez 1-7-16 Sept    Moeez 1-7-16 June

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