Silverbell Star Writer!

The award of Star Writer this week goes to Sam E.

Sam has worked extremely hard to change aspects of the story of the Gingerbread Man and still allow the story to make sense.

Sam has shown passion in his writing by making the story interesting for the reader and resilience by ensuring that his handwriting is of a consistent size and all his letters are now sitting on the line.

I have shown Sam’s first piece of work that he wrote in September and the piece of writing that he has done this week.

Can you tell the difference?

Sam Sept 2015    Sam May 2016   Sam 2 May 2016

Well done Sam and keep up the fantastic work.

Mrs Baxter.


Star Writer

Our Star Writer Award this week goes to Missie.

Mrs Baxter is so impressed with your writing this week, you have tried so hard to write a book review.

You have remembered all of the points we talked about in class; how to engage the reader, remembering to only write a little bit about the story plot and finally encouraging the reader to go out and borrow the book from the library.

Well done Missie and keep up the good work.

Mrs Baxter.


Missie 19-5-16

Sycamore Star Writer

This week it was quite difficult to choose a star writer because all of the children have done such fantastic work! We have picked somebody who has written a fantastic book review and has used brilliant language in their work.

This week the star writer is Jamie!

Well done, Jamie! Keep up the great work.

Mrs Mason and Sycamore Team


The gingerbread man story is about a really really cocky and funny gingerbread man. The fox is my favourite character because he is funny and sly. My favourite part is the ending. If you love funny and silly stories go and read this one! But the illustrations are cool and the author’s writing is epic too! The pictures are funny too again. The thing is the story doesn’t have a happy ending but I love it. The gingerbread book review shows a little bit of information so read the review if you do you will get more information. – Jamie

Star Writer

The Star Writer award in Silverbell class this week goes to Alfie.

Since September Alfie has tried hard to improve his handwriting and this week he has been ‘On Fire’.  He has been consistently joining all of his letters, he is trying to remember that ascenders are tall letters  and descenders hang below the line.  Today Alfie has shown real passion and resilience when writing his comprehension answers about the recipe for making gingerbread.

Well done Alfie you really do deserve the honour of being our Star Writer this week.

Alfie Sept 2016             Alfie 13.5.16

September 2015                                          May 2016


Mrs Baxter

Learning About Different Cultures

In RE in year one we have been learning about different religious buildings. Today, we learned about Mosques. We talked about the different parts of the building including the minaret, the qibla wall and the dome over the mihrab. We showed what we learned by creating our own mosque out of paper.

Can you remember any other parts of a mosque?


Sycamore Star Writer

This week the star writer is Jake! Jake has been trying really hard with his cursive writing and has shown real resilience with using a lead in and lead out. His writing has improved since the beginning of the year and we are very proud of the aspiration he has shown.

Well done, Jake! Keep it up!

From Mrs Mason and Sycamore team

Jake (1) Jake (2)

And now, the weather…

Y1 are keeping a weather diary this term and learning about the countries that make up the UK.  One pupil recently demonstrated some fantastic weather reporting skills.  As you could see in their year group assembly last week, we have some very confident speakers in Y1!

Our Gingerbread Man Assembly

What a fantastic performance the whole of Year 1 gave yesterday.  In our assembly we were able to showcase all of the learning we have done so far this year and all in just 20 minutes!

We showed that we have been learning about seasonal changes during our science  lessons.  We have to listen and co-operate  in PE with Miss Lindsey.  In mathematics we have been learning our times tables and  during literacy we can now write in the cursive style as we recount the story of The Gingerbread Man.  We have worked hard on our diagraphs and tri-graphs in phonics which really helps with our reading and our writing. We enjoyed making Gingerbread Men in D & T and we were able to show through our acting what we used to make them.

Our assembly finished with a ‘Gingerbread man rap’ I think we made the audience tap their feet and smile at our ‘attitude pose’ at the end. All the teachers are glad we are not practising the rap any more because they will not be chanting the chorus in their heads every second of the day!

We hoped you enjoyed our assembly as much as we did and thank you for coming as it was our best performance.


Star Writer!

This week’s Star Writer Award goes to Suzi.

Suzi has listened carefully to all the advice she has been given.  Her handwriting now sits on the line and all her letters are consistently the same size.  Suzi is now using the correct punctuation including exclamation marks and inverted commas.

Well done Suzi you are a star!

Suzi 5-5-16

Sycamore Star Writer!

This week we have awarded star writer to Tammi! She is trying really hard to retell the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and is using her phonics knowledge to sound out the words carefully. Tammi has remembered a lot of the language we have used during carpet sessions and she has included this in her story. You can even see the improvement in her handwriting over only one week!

We are very impressed with your story and we are very proud of how hard you are working. Keep it up!

Mrs Mason and Sycamore Team