Sycamore Star Writing

Well done, Teagan, this week you are Sycamore’s star writer and I am sure you can see why. Your handwriting has improved so much since September and you are now writing really well in the cursive style. You are remembering to use a lead in and your letters are a much better size.

Keep up the great handwriting, Teagan!

From Mrs Mason and Sycamore Team


 September 2015                                                                            April 2016

Star Handwriting

Congratulations Tian.  Mrs Baxter is delighted in how much your handwriting has improved since you started in Year 1.

You are now writing in the cursive style, your handwriting is sitting on the line and your letters are all the same size.


Tian Handwriting 29.4.16     Tian Handwriting 29-6-16

September 2015                                    April 2016


Very well done Tian.



Gingerbread Men in D & T

Continuing with out topic this term of the Gingerbread Man story we have investigated how we can find the best way of joining buttons to felt.

We tried different methods including sewing, gluing, taping and using blu-tac.

Can you blog back which method you found to be the most successful?

Below are some of our Gingerbread Men.

Silverbell Sycamore

Silverbell Class                                                      Sycamore Class

Sycamore Star Writer

Sycamore’s star writer this week is Imogen.

We have been writing the first part of the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and Imogen has used fantastic story language. She has used her phonics knowledge to sound out each word, using her phoneme fingers to check there were the correct amount of graphemes. She is also using the cursive style of handwriting really well and has used capital letters and full stops correctly.

Super work, Imogen! You really are a star!

Really well done from Mrs Mason and Sycamore team.


Silverbell Star Writer

Our Star Writer this week is Poppy.

We have been looking at using the correct punctuation in our writing and Poppy has amazed us all by using a full stop, an exclamation mark and a question mark correctly.


Well done Poppy you really do deserve to be our Star Writer this week.


Poppy 22-4-16