Chick Writing!

Last week after our chicks had hatched we used what we had learnt to do some free choice writing.  We could choose what and how we wrote, some chose to write stories, some chose to write facts about the chicks and one or two even wrote poems.  Below is some of our work.


Children's Writing c Children's Writing b Children's Writing a

Mrs Kyriacou and Miss Wilding were very impressed with all of our efforts.




On the move again!

After spending Friday night at Miss Wilding’s house the chicks are on the move again to a second weekend break, this time they are visiting Mrs Kyriacou’s home.

Mrs Kyriacou thinks they enjoy sport as she found one of them watching the Six Nations Rugby.

I wonder which team they support?


I really hope they have a great time.

Mrs Saveall.

Another Adventure!

The chicks have had a lovely day.  They have spent all day in Sycamore class and have enjoyed lots of attention from all of their visitors.  We hope that Aspen class enjoyed their visit.

The chicks have gone away for the weekend to stay with Miss Wilding, we hope that they have a fantastic time.

Miss Wilding has been kind and sent a photo of them now that they have settled in to their weekend home.IMG_0853

What sort of adventures do you think the chicks will have at Miss Wilding’s?


Day 4 in Year 1

What another exciting day we have had in Year 1.  All 10 eggs have now hatched and we have 10 lovely fluffy lively chicks.

Both Year 6 classes visited today and asked lots of interesting questions.  We hope you enjoyed your visit?

Day 4 Photo o (4) Day 4 Photo n (3)


Mrs Baxter, Miss Wilding and Mrs Kyriacou.

Chick Watch!

What an exciting day we have had in Year 1.   One chick hatched over night and welcomed Mrs Baxter when she walked into the classroom this morning.  Throughout the morning four more chicks hatched.

Male chicks are yellow and fluffy whilst female chicks are a darker shade.

Can you tell if we have boys or girls?

What should we call them?

Day 3 Photo m Day 3 Photo h

Our Visitors Day 2!

Well,  not much seems to have been happening in the incubator in Year 1, however the eggs in Reception have started to ‘pip’!

Hopefully we will see some action tomorrow.

Here are today’s photographs, let us know if you can see any changes from yesterday?

Mrs Baxter, Mrs Kyriacou and Miss Wilding.

Day 2 Photo 2 Day 2

Year 1 Visitors

Today in Year 1 we have fostered 10 chicken’s eggs which we are going to look after until Friday 4th March.

Check in each day to see if you can see the changes.

Day 1 (2)       Day 1 eggs

If you see any changes let us know.

Mrs Baxter, Miss Wilding and Mrs Kyriacou

Our Library Visit

How proud we were today of all of the children in Silverbell class when we visited Newland Springs Library.

As we walked even passers by stopped to comment on how well behaved the children were and asked which school we belonged to!

When we got to the library all the children sat on the floor and listened intently to what Jenny the librarian said, and they eagerly answered questions.

The children enjoyed looking at the different types of books, fiction and non fiction and which books were best for them to read and which might be enjoyed by either older or younger siblings.

My favourite bit was when Jenny read the story of ‘Goldilocks doesn’t like her Greens’, which was your favourite?


IMG_0841 IMG_0834 IMG_0842 IMG_0836