Busy Busy Lawford Mead Does

Busy Busy Bethlehem!

What a busy week we’ve had in Key Stage 1.  We’ve not only been learning about coding, times tables, phonics, letters to Santa and writing exciting stories.  We’ve also made lots Christmas decorations, cards and folders.  Somehow in between all of this we have eaten a wonderful Christmas lunch served by the teachers,  some of us have sung in the choir to an audience at school and in our Lawford Mead community.  ‘Busy Busy Bethlehem’ was a very apt title for our very busy week rehearsing ready for our performance next week.  Talking of next week we are all really looking forward to our Christmas party day on Friday with a DVD in the morning and then party food and games after lunch.  Look out for a sticker to collect from each class so that you can help provide a savoury, sweet or healthy snack to enjoy at our party.

Silverbell Christmas Lunch Birch Christmas Lunch

Sycamore Christmas Lunch   Bonsai Christmas Lunch

Mrs Baxter likes Christmas jokes, here’s one she told me…

“Why was Cinderella no good at football ”


“Because she was always running away from the ball”


Do you know any better jokes?