Our D and T afternoon ‘Making a new carriage for Cinderella’

Last week in Design and Technology  we designed a new carriage for Cinderella and this week we got the chance to put our design to the test.  We have used lots of different materials card, shiny paper, plastic cartons, glue, masking tape and lots of other things to try and follow our design accurately. Next week we will attach the wheels and see if they really work, but for now here are some photographs of our very fun afternoon.


IMG_0829 IMG_0828

IMG_0801 IMG_0799

Come back next week to see our finished carriages.


Science – Making Shadows


This afternoon in science Year 1 have been using torches and different materials to make shadows.

We have talked about the different language we can use to describe the materials including transparent, translucent and opaque.


IMG_0261[1]     IMG_0560[1]   . IMG_0545[1]


IMG_0641[1]        IMG_0647[1]    IMG_0657[1]


Can you make any shadow pictures at home and Blog them back to us?

Have fun!

Mrs Kyriacou and Miss Wilding

Read for Children in Need

What a brilliant start to the morning we had in Silverbell Class, raising money for children less fortunate than ourselves with our ‘Readathon’

Here are a few photos and quotes of us having ‘DEAR TIME’ …Drop Everything And Read’

Can you tell us what you thought?

“I played a reading butterfly game with Dad and Gran”    Suzi

“I read lots of books with Mummy”  Moeez

“I love reading books and there were lots of books to read”   Poppy

“I liked the Pudsey reading day”  Tristan

IMG_0759                   IMG_0756

IMG_0762                   IMG_0757 


Children in Silverbell Class can you ask your family for some ‘DEAR TIME’ this weekend.

Drop Everything And Read!