Silverbell and Sycamore Exploring our Senses

This week in science Year 1 looked at their five senses.

We explored the sense of touch using different textures and then we had to describe them to a friend!

IMG_0579    IMG_0509

We went on a sound and sight walk around the school to see what we could hear and see.

IMG_0392    IMG_0402

In the classroom we tasted different flavoured crisps and also had to use our sense of smell to try to detect what was in each pot!

IMG_0241      IMG_0243

IMG_0511       IMG_0519

Have fun over the half term holiday and tell us what senses you have used.

Mrs Baxter, Mrs Kyriacou and Miss Wilding.


Number Bonds to 10 Party

What fun we had last week at our Number Bonds party.

We played balloon games to make 10 using two different coloured balloons.

We could only choose two types of yummy food that totalled 10 pieces.

We decorated party hats with two different patterns equalling 10.

We also learnt a number bonds rhyme:

Friends of 10

10 and 0 are superheroes,

9 and 1 are having fun,

8 and 2 knew what to do,

7 and 3 yelled “Yippee!”,

6 and 4 cheered and roared,

5 and 5 did the jive,

4 and 6 played the mix,

3 and 7 came with Kevin,

2 and 8 brought the cake,

1 and 9 arrived on time,

0 and 10 came again.


IMG_0546     IMG_0231

Number bond party IMG_0489


What other fun ways can you think of to make 10?


History Afternoon

Hello children thank you for a lovely day. Now… here is how you can test your family to find out what they know about the past.  See if they know what these objects were used for. You know don’t you?!








Good luck let us know how you get on.

From Mrs Baxter Mrs Kyriacou, Mrs West and Mrs Saveall