Windrush Day

June 22nd was Windrush Day so for last week’s upper school assembly we learnt about the Windrush Generation. Windrush Day is a time to remember the people who came to England from the Caribbean in 1948 to help the country rebuild after World War 2. These people were not welcomed kindly or treated as they should have been back then. Now we look back, learn, celebrate their contribution and thank them.

We watched a two videos from Newsround to understand what happened and what it must have been like. You can watch here:

At Lawford Mead we want everyone who joins us to feel welcome, valued and appreciated.

Pride Month

In assemblies last week we talked about different types of families.

In the lower school assembly, younger children shared a story about a family with one child and two dads. We discussed what makes all our families different and special and why we are proud of them.

In the upper school assembly, older children watched some videos from and talked a little more about what Pride Month is. We also discussed the word ‘homophobia’. We agreed that we one of the things that makes us PROUD of Lawford Mead is that we welcome everybody and we would never want someone feeling left out.

Coronation Celebration Preparation

In our Tuesday assemblies this week we watched a Newsround video to learn about things we should look out for during King Charles III’s coronation next weekend. Click here to watch the video. We discussed which five aspects of the coronation we were most interested in seeing.

Then, whilst we usually save our voices for Thursday singing assemblies, we practised singing the national anthem with our trademark Lawford Mead passion and gusto! Now we are ready to sing as a whole school for our Lawford Mead coronation celebrations on Friday!

You can practice singing at home with this video…

The Big Help Out

In assembly this week we talked about celebration plans for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. This video helped spark discussion.

We learnt that part of the plan is for everyone to volunteer in their local community in some way on the bank holiday Monday, as part of The Big Help Out scheme.

We discussed what we could do to help. Pick up litter? Visit elderly people? Help a vulnerable person you know in your community? Donate to food banks or directly to people in need?

What do you think would help?

Patron Saints

In our thinking time assemblies last week we talked about Saint George’s Day and the patron saints of the other countries within the United Kingdom.

We also learnt about the some of the patron saints that make Christians feel safe when they think of them or keep them close on a necklace, in a picture or as a statue. Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers for example. Or Saint Raphael, the patron saint of nightmares.

We discussed what we think of to make us feel calm and safe when we are worried. A favourite person? Pet? Place?

What about you?

You CAN do it!

In lower school assembly today, we read the brilliant book ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’.

The children did some great thinking as well as looking and listening. We discussed the book’s message and what we could learn from it. Here’s what the children said:

“Different people can do lot’s of different things.”

“Believe in yourself and you can do anything you want.”

“Try hard and don’t give up.”

Then we discussed what we can say to someone to encourage them, if they feel like they can’t achieve something. The children said:

“You can do it!”

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

“Everything is for everybody!”.

“I’ll help you”.

Then Miss Lindsay popped into assembly and told us then when she was younger, an adult once told her she couldn’t play football because she was a girl!

The children were shocked so they tested out their encouraging advice on Miss Lindsay!

Happy Holi

In a recent assembly we discussed our favourite sights, sounds and smells of spring time and learnt about the Hindus celebrate spring and new life with their Holi festival of colour.

We watched a video about a family celebrating Holi in the UK. They wrote wishes for the spring and year ahead on slips of paper and threw them into a fire.

We discussed our spring time wishes as we get ready for clocks to jump forward an hour and for evenings to get lighter.

What is your spring time wish?

Making Positive Changes

In recent assemblies we talked about Shrove Tuesday and how some Christians give up a less healthy habit for Lent.

We even used a frying pan and one of Miss Linday’s PE mats to practice flipping pancakes.

We discussed how giving up a less healthy habit is easier if we start a healthier habit in it’s place!

How about…

Less iPad time but more reading?

Less TV but more exercise?

Less crisps and sweets but more fruit?

What positive, healthy changes could YOU make?

You can check out these articles and videos at home…

Safer Internet Day 2023

In our last couple of Tuesday assemblies we have talked about Safer Internet Day, which is on Tuesday 7th February this year.

We highly recommend this Newsround article, which includes top tips for children and a very helpful video explaining what our ‘digital footprint’ is.

Stay safe and remember the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day: ‘TALK about it’. Be open and honest about screen time and internet use with your trusted adults, because you must be confident and quick to go to them for help when something online worries or upsets you.

We also recommend the top tips for parents and carers here.