Marvellous Mums…

…awesome aunts, groovy grans and super sisters!

Thank you to all who came to our first MAGS MORNING (day 2 on Thursday March 17th!) and joined in with such enthusiasm.

It was a brilliant morning.  Here are a couple of photos but keep an eye on blogs and our twitter feed for more!

IMG_3047 IMG_3048




Parent E-Safety Workshops


Thank you to all the parents who attended our E-Safety Workshops today. The next one will be on Monday (Feb 29th) evening.  It was great to share and discuss what children learn in school about safe and responsible use of the internet.

Further parental guidance can be found here:

Activities and advice for pupils can be accessed here:

We look forward to seeing more of you at future parent events!

A challenge for pupils…can you leave a comment below with your top tips for staying safe online?

Mr Poyton

Playleaders to be PROUD of!


These responsible, kind children have been working hard as playleaders since Christmas.  Some have been doing it all year and even helped to train new playleaders! They are fantastic ambassadors for the school and show our values each and every day. THANK YOU playleaders!

Playleaders care about your lunchtime.  They feel passionately that all pupils have a positive time on the playground.  They want you all to enjoy playing with and making friends as you take a well-earned break from your hard work in class.

Look out for their red Lawford Mead caps in the playground.  If you feel a bit lonely or can’t think of what to play, find a playleader.  They can take you to an adult if you need help, teach you a game, play with you or just have a chat!

Speak to Miss Webster or Miss Lambert if you are in Year 5 or 6 and would like to be a playleader after Easter.

P.s.  When has a playleader or peer mentor helped you?

Karate Kids!


There is a wide range of fantastic clubs at Lawford Mead Primary but Wednesday’s Karate Club, run by Mr Brierley, is a little bit special.  Some of the children have earned their orange belt now.  Mr Brierley has been telling me that karate isn’t just about self-defence.  It’s about self-discipline, work ethic, fitness and confidence.  Not forgetting FUN!

Well, that list of values made me think of our SCHOOL values!  Sounds to me like learning karate is very similar to all the other learning we do at school.

Ask the school office if you want to find out more about Karate Club.

Mr P




How proud we all were when the Essex Chronicle newspaper came to see our school and take some photos this week.

The photographer did a great job capturing what Lawford Mead is all about.  Look through the gallery and you’ll see pupils working hard; in teams, pairs and independently.  You’ll see teachers working equally hard to plan and teach the best lessons they can!  You’ll see the fantastic technology we are so lucky to have.  You actually SEE our school VALUES in each picture!

A BIG THANK YOU to the pupils, parents and staff that make our school so special and fill us all with pride.

Which is your favourite photo?

Mr P

How Are You Feeling Today?


Thanks to all pupils who made a contribution to our INSIDE OUT display.  Every class had a circle time to discuss when we feel the different emotions in the film and what we can do in school if we feel sadness, fear or anger.  There were some fantastic suggestions.  Go and check out the display if you haven’t already.  The BEST thing about the display though is reading what it is about Lawford Mead Primary that makes you feel JOY!

IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2138

Proud Pirate Performance Poets!

IMG_0377 IMG_0374

ARRRRRRRRRHH!  What a treat this week to join the Year 1 audience when Year 6 came to perform their pirate poems.  A SUPERB team of swashbucklers!

Year 1 were a fantastic audience too and inspired by the confidence and teamwork Year 6 were demonstrating.

Here’s an example of one of the poems written by Year 6 (this one is by Reece and Daniel) but visit the Year 6 blog to read more wonderful writing. Year 6 worked hard on rhythm, rhyme and using pirate dialect.


A Pirate’s Life

Have you got the guts to cross the sea ?

Catching me some booty.

They all failed for me.

Get me treats; taste fruity.


Out in the deep, dark ocean.

Ships will flee from me.

Cannon fire in slow motion.

As they rumbled the sea.


We all want to get the jewels.

Who will cross our seas?

Whoever crosses is fools.

Now jewels belong to me.


When they catch and hang me.

On gallows structures.

They will be on a haunting spree.

It’s a pirates life for me.


Lawford Lunches!


When I sat down to eat my ‘Jackie Johnson Roast Dinner‘ ™ this Wednesday I just had to grab a camera and capture that moment I have every week when I think “Wow, best-lunch-ever!”

It’s got it all, crispy roast potatoes, a colourful selection of healthy vegetables, moist chicken with just enough gravy.  DELICIOUS!

What else from our fantastic kitchen team do you LOVE and what to say a BIG thank you for?

Mr P

What a start!


We’ve had a superb start to the term.  SO MANY pupils have already been coming to see me and Mrs Baker to show us fantastic work!  A highlight was this beautiful New Year’s poem by Kiana.  Enjoy!  Are you making changes or trying something new this year?


Hey, hey it’s the new year

We have days filled with family cheer

A new start

A new beginning

If you were losing

Now you’re winning

Another day to try something new

If you couldn’t do it

Now can you?

Nothing is impossible

You can be on top of all