The General Election

In today’s assembly we learnt about the July 4th UK general election. They happen less often than the Olympics and the World Cup, so it is a BIG deal. We are lucky to live in a democracy where we (well, the adults!) can help choose who is in charge of the country.

First we learnt what all the words we hear during a general election mean.

Then we learnt more about the role of the prime minister.

Finally we learnt about voting.

We agreed to go home and check that our adults have registered to vote, have photo ID and know where their local polling station is!

What to do with worries

In our lower school assembly last week, we revisited a recent assembly theme of worrying. We shared the classic book, ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ and discussed what we could learn from the story. The most important lesson was get your worries out in the open. You’ll realise that you’re not the only one with worries and there is always a trusted adult nearby to listen and help.


In upper school assembly this week we learnt about D-Day because it was the 80th anniversary on June 6th. We also learnt about the important role women played during World War 2 whilst the soldiers were fighting, including nursing and radio communications.

As the years pass, there are less people in our lives that have memories of the war. But we discussed the connections we might have to older generations who came before us. Some of us share a middle name or even a first name with grandparents and great grandparents who were alive during WW2. Our parents and grandparents can pass stories down to us that we can then pass on ourselves. It makes us feel connected to history as well as family.