Reflect and Respect

In assemblies this week we focused on our Lawford Mead value of respect. We learnt about the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur, a time to reflect on the year gone by and consider how we can be kinder and more considerate in the year ahead. At Lawford Mead it’s always a good time to challenge ourselves to be better. We looked at some kindness challenge ideas suggested by the NSPCC. Could you try a few of these next week?

•Get to know someone in your class you don’t normally talk to

•Smile and say good morning to someone who works in your school

•Help someone who is stuck on their classwork

•Write a thank you letter to a friend or teacher

•Listen to classmates during discussions and presentations

•Hold the door open for someone

•Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to teachers and classmates

•Invite someone sat on their own to join in your game

•Decorate Kindness Rocks and leave them around your playground

•Thank your teacher for teaching the lessons today

•Sit next to a classmate you don’t normally eat lunch with

•Pick up litter in your playground

•Give positive feedback to someone in class who presents or reads something

•Let your friend choose the game to play during break time

•Lend someone something from your pencil case

•Offer to hand out the fruit at snack time

•Sort out the reading books if they’re all jumbled up

•Offer to tidy up the equipment at the end of PE

•Include everyone in group activities and games

•Be kind to yourself by doing something you love

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