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In a bonus assembly for Year 5 and 6 this week, we learnt about AI disinformation. We discussed the Youtube channels we watch and how Youtubers make money. The following Newsround video then made us think about how fast AI technology is developing and how it means we have to be even MORE careful when we decide what to watch online AND what we BELIEVE.

Read the Newsround artice and watch the video HERE!

Don’t forget the following advice. Lawford Mead pupils came up with very similar top tips before we looked at these ones together…

Tips to avoid being misled by disinformation

If you want to try to make sure you don’t get caught out by disinformation, there a few things you can look out for.

Ask yourself:

  • Has this claim been reported anywhere else? Genuinely surprising new information and facts are typically shared widely and quickly which means it will have been picked up by radio, TV or in the newspapers
  • Have you heard of the content creator that published the video – how trustworthy are they – remember follower numbers and views don’t always make someone a reliable source?
  • Is the video a copycat designed to look like another genuine video?
  • Is someone speaking in the video and do they look and sound normal or is it a computer generated voice/image?
  • Does the content seem believable and does it fit in with what you already know and have been taught at school?

One comment on “Online Safety

  • Andrew says:

    Excellent info here for children & parents /guardians. This AI disinformation is a worry for society as a whole, though we hope AI can be harnessed for good. Lawford Mead, finger on the pulse of the nation. Thank you
    Andrew Williams
    Parent Governor


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