Punctuality Poster Competition!

In our Tuesday Team Talk assemblies this week we discussed punctuality. Some pupils watched this funny video – https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/watch/p01ddz5q.

At Lawford Mead this year, we want to improve punctuality so that less children arrive to school late and more classes have a chance to win our weekly punctuality award in celebration assembly. We also want to support parents and carers with morning routines, as we all know having to rush to get ready and out of the house can be stressful – and not a great start to the day of learning.

We are having a punctuality POSTER COMPETITION for children in Year 1 to 6. It is an optional homework task. Posters should be designed and completed at home on an A4 sheet. Entries should be given to the child’s class teacher by OCTOBER 7th, with the child’s name clearly written on the back. Adults at home can help with ideas and we recommend they help with spelling.

There will be PRIZES for the winning entries and the best posters will be copied, laminated and displayed around school. These posters will also be scanned so digital copies can be emailed home to families.

So start thinking about the catchy slogan, attention grabbing images and ‘top tips’ for punctuality that you want to include on your poster!

Mr Poyton

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