Kindness at Christmas

In assemblies today we talked about our favourite Christmas TV adverts! We watched one of MY favourites, the John Lewis advert from 2015. The girl in the short story notices an elderly man all on his own at Christmas and lets him know that she is thinking of him.

In assembly, we talked about people WE know who might be lonely or sad at Christmas and we discussed the kind little things we could do to let them know that we care.

Watch the advert below and leave a comment below with ideas for how you could give a little bit of Christmas joy to someone who might really need it this year.

Mr Poyton

2 comments on “Kindness at Christmas

  • L Cope says:

    In Redwood, we discussed ways to share Christmas joy:
    go to someone’s house and give them cookies
    make them feel loved
    invite them round

  • vjeffries says:

    In Aspen, we talked about ways to show kindness:
    invite someone to your house
    give a present (especially someone who is alone)
    give a Christmas card
    ask someone how they are
    give them a decent meal, somewhere to sleep
    give a personalised bauble message (like a Christmas version of a fish)
    go and visit them.


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