Everything is for EVERYone!

In our lower school ‘thinking time’ assembly this week, we talked about the latest Lego news story. The people at Lego have promised they are going to avoid ‘gender stereotypes’ in their Lego sets. This means they want to help children to dream big and never think they can’t do something just because they are a boy or a girl. Lego don’t want any children thinking that a type of Lego is just for boys or just for girls.

We watched this interesting video below and discussed our ambitions for the futures. As we said together, everything is for everyone!

Watch the video if you haven’t already. Leave a comment below telling me your big dreams. What are you determined to achieve?

Mrt Poyton

One comment on “Everything is for EVERYone!

  • Andrew says:

    Great short film thank you Mr Poyton,
    So, it’s that bad in 2021…still! I was a nurse, a man who was a nurse. In 1990, when I started my training this attracted all sorts of questions that people wouldn’t have asked my female colleagues so it’s good to see Lawford Mead challenge the deeply held stereotypes within society.


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