Reach for the Stars

In Friday assembly’s reflection time, we thought about last week’s historic SpaceX mission. What made it special was that the team of four space travellers, who were named Inspiration4, were NOT astronauts! They received SOME astronaut training but it was the first ever mission into space where no one on board was a fully trained astronaut! How amazing for those 4 people, their dreams have come true!

This made me realise that if any Lawford Mead pupils dream of visiting space when they are older, it could be a real possibility, even if they don’t become astronauts. It got us talking in assembly, about the big dreams and ambitions that we are aspiring to achieve in the future.

Here’s what some of the children said…

“I want to take care of sick animals.”

“I want to be a paramedic.”

“I want to earn lots of money so I can help people with it.”

“I want to be a singer but I am nervous on stage.”

For that last one we discussed how we could build confidence and find opportunities to sing at Lawford Mead!

What are YOUR ambitions for the future? Leave a comment below.

No dream is too big! Reach for the stars!

2 comments on “Reach for the Stars

  • Miss Jennings says:

    Here are some aspirations from Chestnut class!

    Rebecca: “Somebody that looks after animals”
    Kyle: “To work for NASA”
    Jerusha: “To become a doctor”
    Harry: “A busniessman”
    Isla: “To create cartoons”
    Oliver & Jonathan: “To be a policeman”
    Elias: “To become a YouTuber”
    Honey: “To rescue animals”
    Jessica: “A teacher”
    Millie: “To ride horses”
    Jenson: “A marine biologist”
    Max: “A fireman”
    Logan: “A scientist”
    Jackson: “To be in army”
    Sophia: “A palaeontologist”

  • Mrs Fretton says:

    In sycamore Class we discussed our own dreams. Lots of us want to be doctors, zoo keepers, vet’s footballers and teachers. Some of us also want to be a train driver, shop keeper, singer and paramedic. We discussed how we can achieve our dreams. we said we need to follow our school values of passion for learning, aspirations and especially resilience. We said we will need to always try hard, never give up and we need to follow our hearts so we can reach our goals and dreams!


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