Raducanu the Resilient Role Model!

In assembly last Friday we talked about Emma Raducanu, the brilliant young British tennis player who has shown amazing resilience this year. Back in June, Emma had to pull out of the Wimbledon tennis tournament as she wasn’t feeling confident. But she went back to training and worked very hard to prepare herself for the next tournament.

And last week she BOUNCED BACK and made it into the FINAL of the US Open! Did you see what happened in the final match at the weekend…? As we saw in this Tuesday’s assembly…



Emma had to show resilience in the final too, as right near the end of the match she slid over and cut her knee. But she stayed calm, her knee was bandaged and she bounced back to WIN!

Just 18 years old, Emma broke many records with her big win, including being the first British woman to win a major tennis tournament in 44 years!

What can we learn from Emma Raducanu? When have you showed resilience? When and how will you show it next?

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One comment on “Raducanu the Resilient Role Model!

  • Aspen Class said ‘We have learnt to never give up.’, ‘She shows passion when playing tennis.’ ‘We have had to show resilience when starting new clubs and learnt new things.’ ‘When practising swimming strokes.’


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