Who’s making you proud this week?

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Another week of of remote learning, another chance for children to make themselves proud and get a shout out in the next assembly video.

Please leave a comment below telling me why your nominated child deserves a mention for one of the following awards…

  • The Head of School award for showing one of our school values (PASSION, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, ASPIRATION or RESILIENCE) when learning at home.
  • The Reader of the Week or Writer of the Week awards for showing our values in your reading or writing.
  • The Sports Personality of the Week award for showing our values in PE, sport and exercise.
  • The Jackie Johnson Award for good manners, kindness and helping out around the house.

Nominate by lunchtime on Thursday for this Friday’s assembly. The more mentions the merrier!

Mr Poyton

21 comments on “Who’s making you proud this week?

  • Andrew W says:

    Good morning!
    We’d like to nominate Piper for an award regarding her resilience, perseverance and positivity today especially in trying hard to complete all her school work with a smile on her face.
    Thanks very much everyone!

  • Hello, please can I nominate Freya (Cedar) and Cerys (Larch) as they have really tried hard over the weeks with their school work and staying positive. We are very proud of them!
    Thank you!

  • Mrs Lees says:

    Nomination from Mrs Lees:
    I am compelled to nominate Isaac in Cedar for a Head of School Award, for his wonderful German work this week. We were learning about compound nouns and the children had to create their own using a word bank. Isaac did a Feuerkatze (a fire cat) and he actually created a Feuerkatze out of lego, inlcuding spelling the word out in lego as well. It must have taken him ages. I am so impressed!

  • Rebecca says:

    I’d like to nominate my sister Bethany because she tries her best every day and she is a great role model

  • Claire says:

    I’d like to nominate Natalie(Cedar) and Adele (Birch) for always trying their best and completing the home learning each day. We are so proud of them.

  • Michelle Letch says:

    I’d like to nominate Halle B from Sycamore for adapting so well and just getting on with it, including eating school dinners, especially eating carrots! This is a first for her and I’m proud of the resilience she has shown throughout and the smile she has on her face (most of the time)

  • Hi, I would like to nominate Riley for his resilience and positivity in wanting to do extra work to improve his hand writing outside of school hours for which he has uploaded to Seesaw.

  • Denise says:

    I would like to nominate Sophie (redwood) and Dryden (Ash) for keeping up to date with all there work, not arguing fighting or playing up. Just getting on with what they have to do. They are also helping around the house with housework and with their younger siblings who are also struggling through this tough times. They really are the best children in my opinion

  • Gaynor says:

    Good morning! I would like to nominate Ria in Rosewood for always getting on with her daily school work and always trying her best. She likes to work independently and has a good attitude while doing work. Many thanks for your hard work.

  • Hannah says:

    I would love to nominate Asher from Cedar. She struggled to get into the swing of it all at first but has stuck with it kept going. Today she got up early and started work straight away and got all her day’s work done before 11! She also put a huge amount of effort and care into her Anglo Saxon poster!

  • I’d like to nominate Sadie in Bonsai for working really hard every week and always trying her best. She has continued her independent reading as well as using spelling shed and going back over her times tables to ensure she doesn’t forget them. She makes mummy very proud with all her hard work

  • Claire says:

    Id like to nominate lacey and jorgie for the jackie johnson award they have been very helpful at home with keeping their colouring area tidy and helping me with all my little jobs lacey loves the hoovering and washing up jorgie is recycling and helping keep things tidy …they have both made me a proud mummie and helping eachother with their school work and sharing of their things…

  • I would like to nominate my daughter (shadika Rowan) for head of school award because she has been working really hard on getting all of her homework done and she has been doing some extra maths and science.

  • I would like to nominate David(Cedar) and Jonathan (Ash) for head of school award . They have worked hard at all their school work with a cheerful and positive attitude . Willing to go the extra mile doing extra work and the challenges given to them.

  • Can we please nominate Jenson B (Ash) for the Head of School award this week?

    We’re very proud of the resilience that he has demonstrated by adapting to the challenges of home-learning again, the passion and positivity he has in droves for learning, and the aspiration that he shows when he completes extra work to further his understanding.

  • Nikki Harrington says:

    I would like to nominate Jamie from Bonsai class for getting all his school work done as well as reading, edshed and times tables rockstars on a daily basis.

    Jamie has shown resilience, passion integrity and aspiration throughout his learning during this lockdown period. For one of his tasks for PSHE, he had to learn something new and Jamie chose to learn to count to 10 in my language which is Punjabi. Jamie was recorded and video uploaded onto seesaw. I am so proud of him and feel he definitely deserves this award.

  • I wish to nominate Michael from Bonsai for Writer of the Week Award. He’s really been thinking hard with his sentence writing during his home schooling. Some days he has found it a little tricky, but he’s persevered. He also tries very hard to do neat hand writing and joining his letters. His knowledge in spelling is amazing. I’m super proud of him! Well done!

  • Hello I would like to nominate jaylen this week for helping around the house and doing chores

  • Hello, I would like to nominate Bobby P for doing very good reading and writing both at home and at school.
    He has also learnt a few life lessons too in recent weeks, he now knows how to repair a puncture on his bike and he has been doing some home cooking.

    Mrs Sue ( Bobby’s Aunty)

  • Emma Cavendish says:

    Good morning. I would love to nominate Jamie Cavendish in Pine class. This week she has shown so much resilience in her maths work and she even taught me some fraction work!!! She always has a smile on her face thanks Jamie for just being you x


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