New Nominees…

Leave a comment below (by Thursday lunchtime this week) to nominate a child for an assembly video award.

A reminder of the categories…

  • A Head of School award for showing our school values of PASSION, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, ASPIRATION or RESILIENCE when learning at home.
  • A Reader or Writer of the Week award for showing the values in your reading or writing.
  • A Sports Personality of the Week award for showing the values in PE, sport and exercise.
  • A Jackie Johnson Award for good manners, kindness and helping out around the house.

The assembly videos will be posted here every Friday afternoon and I will give all our award winners a ‘shout out’!

Mr Poyton

15 comments on “New Nominees…

  • cheryl says:

    I think poppy rose should get a writer award as shes worked so hard and shes come along way since september .

  • Suzanne C says:

    Joshua C from Aspen has impressed Mum today by doing lots of writing as she knows it’s not his favourite but he’s persevering. He always has a big passion for maths! He also put his hand up in the zoom meeting and joined in more today. Well done.

  • Mark Golledge says:

    Well done everyone! We are looking forward to seeing the assembly videos start again – certainly good family viewing!! 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    I nominate Logan in Ash for his resilience this week. On Sunday his dad fell off his bike and had to go to hospital in an ambulance. Logan stayed very calm when we had to leave the house in a hurry to help his dad, helping his younger sister to get ready. He has been so kind to his dad, helping to look after him and showing compassion.

  • I would like to nominate Lily and Saskia Prizeman for resilience and dedication to home learning. I would like to nominate Saskia for Writer of the Week for her beautiful poems and Lily for the Reader of the Week for her passion for reading all “Chronicles of Narnia” and accompanying books about the series.

  • I would like to nominate my brother jack in larch class for learning to count to 10 and for learning to blend his phonic sounds

  • I’d like to nominate Sadie from Bonsai, she is working so hard on her school work. She watches the bitesize on BBC iPlayer every morning before her daily zoom with her teachers. When this is finished she knuckles down to complete her work and is really working on her sentences and handwriting making Mummy very proud.

  • I would like to nominate Michael from Bonsai Y2 for sports personality of the week award. He has been exercising everyday, doing some ‘Les Mills On Demand’, ‘Cosmic Yoga’ and ‘Jo Wicks’. He’s done really well in persevering with trying to do better with his burpees and bicycle crunches which he was finding a little tricky before. Well done Michael!

  • Joanna says:

    I want to nominate Zuzanna from Chestnut for working hard on her homework and helping out with Amelia’s homework too. Also Amelia from Bonsai for her brilliant homework every day and for her passion for learning.

  • Freddie has worked really well considering the circumstances of me being very unwell with covid. Whilst I have been unable to fully participate in his teaching Freddie has learnt independently with online games and has been reading to his little sister so they both gain put of it.

    I am very proud of Freddie.

    Aswell as his learning Freddie has also looked after me and his baby sister and has show kindness and willing to help no matter what – Because of this I would love to nominate Freddie for the head teachers award – I’m unsure if im doing the nomination the correct way – but I definitely feel Freddie needs some recognition for his kindness and hard work.

  • Fred F in chestnut class has been showing amazing resilience this week with his division work. He struggled lots but we tried lots of different methods and lots of help from mummy, daddy and his older brother Matthew we cracked it by the end of the week. Keep up the good work! Mummy and Daddy

  • Princely says:

    Jerusha is doing well because she has never missed an online meeting and she reads everyday


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