Last chance to nominate!

The term ends on Friday, so this week’s assembly video will be the last one! Leave a comment below (before Thursday lunchtime) to nominate someone. You can still watch the previous assembly videos.

Another reminder of the awards…

  • Head of School award for showing the school values at home
  • The Tidy Friday Award for helping to clean, tidy up and look after the home
  • The Jackie Johnson award for politeness and kindness (and cooking skills!)
  • Reader of the Week for showing a love of reading
  • Writer of the Week for effort in writing, spelling, handwriting etc.
  • Sports Personality of the Week for showing the values through sport and exercise.

A reminder that the year group blogs will continue to be updated until the end of this week. Thank you.

Mr Poyton

12 comments on “Last chance to nominate!

  • Denise says:

    I would like to nominate my two children, Sophie C in pines and Dryden C in birch for being my heroes the last few days. While I was taken in to hospital for a few days they have been so resilient, strong and brave helping to look after and play with their two younger siblings with their, help tidy and clean as well as do a little school work while worrying about me. I’m so proud of them. mum x

  • Katherine says:

    I would like to nominate Elodie M in sycamore as she has worked so hard all through lockdown and embraced all the strange changes to daily life with passion and resilience. She has learnt life skills as well as keeping up with school work and taught her sister things ready for nursery like how to draw and write letters. I am so proud of her mature attitude and wish her every success for year 2.

  • Mum & Dad would like to nominate Sophie in Cedar for an award, for all of her hard work over the last few months during lockdown, for making the effort to contact her friends and for all of the kind little things that she has done for them whilst stuck at home

  • I would like to nominate all the staff at Lawford Mead who have continued to keep the school open since the beginning of this challenging time. You have had to not only keep yourselves safe, but made sure the school could remain open when it was safe to do so, and look after our children when we needed you the most. A big thank you to everyone & have a great summer holiday, you all deserve it and more x

  • Victoria says:

    I’d like to nominate Erin in Pine for staying on top of her schoolwork since the beginning of lockdown. She always tries 110% and works to the very best of her ability, even when she finds something tricky.
    I’d also like to nominate Isla in Larch. Isla has put a lot of effort into her handwriting over the last week, creating little pictures and notes for me. She has taken so much care over her letter formation and has tried to use her phones to work out how to spell new words.
    I’m very proud of both of them 🙂

  • Claire A says:

    We would like to nominate George A as he has never given up in doing his school work during lockdown. Every morning he would get up and be ready for his school day at 09:00am and finished at 3:15pm. He has really tried hard with his work and we couldn’t be prouder. He is still doing school work before attending school in the afternoon. He is still continuing doing Joe Wick as he says to keep fit. Well done George you have been brilliant xx

    • S Dubey says:

      We are very proud of George too! He has been posting work on seesaw fairly regularly and we are extremely proud of him. Keep it up, George! 🙂

  • Joanna B says:

    I would like to nominate Jenson B In Birch for head of school award. He has tried so hard this week with his handwriting and maths, trying to learn something new everyday and showing the school values. He really has made us proud during this difficult time. Thank you for everything Mr P and Miss Fretton!!

  • I’d like to nominate Sadie for all working hard on her school work. Although she has found it hard being home during the lockdown and away from school and her friends, she has tried her very hardest with the work set and she has really enjoyed learning some important life skills. I know she will work hard in Year 2
    Thank you also to Miss Webster & Miss Abbott for sending the kids work everyday, Sadie has really enjoyed reading the tasks set and comments from her work posted x

  • Michelle L says:

    I’d like to nominate all of the children in Mrs Moston’s bubble (Reception, Larch class) Halle has spoken so positively and been so keen to go to school because of all of you and Mrs Moston and the other staff working with her. Her confidence and empathy has grown. Thank you!

  • Rachel says:

    We would like to nominate Logan in Birch for his hard work and diligence since lockdown began. We think he should be particularly proud of his resilience in Maths; his effort has led to some excellent progress.

  • Nikki Harrington says:

    I would like to nominate Jamie M for the writer and reader award. He has done so well and always shows passion integrity and and aspiration. Well done jamie


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