2 weeks left!

Only two weeks of term left. Which means only two more assembly videos. Which means…only TWO more chances to nominate a child for an assembly award ‘shout out’! Leave a comment below (before Thursday lunchtime) to nominate now!

Another reminder of the awards…

  • Head of School award for showing the school values at home
  • The Tidy Friday Award for helping to clean, tidy up and look after the home
  • The Jackie Johnson award for politeness and kindness (and cooking skills!)
  • Reader of the Week for showing a love of reading
  • Writer of the Week for effort in writing, spelling, handwriting etc.
  • Sports Personality of the Week for showing the values through sport and exercise.

Mr Poyton

11 comments on “2 weeks left!

  • Jeyanie says:

    I nominated my child Hamsini
    Because Hamsini has done creativewriting,practice for 11plus,learn cooking,she read books,and she did yoga,

    Thank you

    Year 5
    Poplar ha

  • I would like to nominate Freja in Sycamore Class for her amazing effort with her writing and spelling. Freja has adapted so well to being back in school and is always kind and helpful. Even before returning to school she kept her mind and body active and deserves a very big well done for her dedication and hard work.

  • Wathsi P says:

    I would love to nominate Kiara in Chestnut Class for the Reader of the Week award . Kiara has been reading non stop ever since we have been stuck inside ! Kiara loves books and she absolutely adores reading them . She finishes the book she is reading in minutes ! She loves reading, especially thick books . Kiara loves reading to her family and telling them what the book is about . She loves David William’s books aswell as Roald Dahl’s . Before she goes to bed she reads at least 3 chapters . She is a star at reading !

  • Suzanne says:

    I’d like to nominate Joshua from Bonsai who has settled really well into a routine of going to school for 3 hours a day and just now fell off his scooter, grazed and bruised his knee but managed to get straight back on it and rode all the way home.

  • I would like to nominate Aarav N from Bonsai for consistently doing his school homework every day since the lockdown. Aarav looks forward for his homework and other extra curricular activities like Karate classes (online) twice a week and he is also learning Carnatic music ( Indian classical music). He is very well behaved at home and have adjusted to the new routine well.
    He is showing lots of resilience in his work and making us very proud.

  • Katherine says:

    I want to nominate Elodie M in sycamore for writer of the week because she was asked to write a sentence using a verb, a noun and an adjective. Firstly she had to recap over what they were and then she was not content with one sentence but wrote 3. Each sentence she improved the amounts of nouns, adjectives and verbs to end up with a complex sentence. I think she is ready now for the challenge of year 2.

  • Joanne H says:

    We would like to nominate Thomas in Pine. We have been constantly amazed by the level of commitment and positive attitude he has shown since lockdown began, both in his academic work and his approach to sports. Thomas has found some of the literacy work a challenge but each week his determination and resilience has resulted in some great pieces of work. In sport, Thomas has devised his weekly exercise programme from HIIT to strengthening and running.

    We couldn’t be more proud!

  • I would like to nominate my daugter Elif in Rowan class for doing her Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed every day. Not only that, she helps to tidy up her brother’s toys. She has been going to school every day and has been working on the transition booklet for her new school. She has also been doing excercise daily.

  • I’d like to nominate Sadie for really knuckling down with her school work this week and completing each days work without any arguments.
    She’s also been reading a lot more and has now taken to leaving a book or two in EVERY room!

  • I would like to nominate my granddaughter Emma M from Silverbell who for the last three months has got up early every morning to help me feed our ducks & geese.

    After which she has carried out all her school work and has a full A4 work folder Miss Webster would be proud of. On top of her school work she reads everyday and is tested on her times tables.

    I wonder if there should be a collective award for all the “temporary supplier teachers” consisting of the mums, dads, nans granddads, etc who have worked so tirelessly following the school work timetables ensuring our children’s education doesn’t suffer too much during these strange times in which we find ourselves.

    However, I don’t think any will be applying for a teaching position in the near future. Our teachers deserve every penny they are paid!


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