Assembly video nominations!

I hope everyone has been catching our weekly assembly videos. Don’t miss the opportunity to nominate someone for an award before Thursday lunchtime so they can get a ‘shout out’ in this week’s video!

Leave a comment below telling us why you think your nominee should win one of the following awards…

  • Head of School award for showing the school values at home
  • Sports Personality of the Week for showing the values through sport and exercise
  • The Jackie Johnson award for good manners, kindness and cooking skills!
  • The Tidy Friday Award for helping to clean and tidy up
  • Reader of the week for showing a love of reading
  • Writer of the week for fantastic writing

Do spread the word. We want to give as many children a shout out as possible!

Mr Poyton

5 comments on “Assembly video nominations!

  • Siobhan says:

    I would like to nominate Tommy M from sycamore for having such a good attitude about returning to school and he has also been helping out with the dinner and tidying up around the house. I would also like to nominate Molly M from bonsai she has been very helpful around the house and also been helping with the dinners. She has also shown a lot of kindness this week . Very proud of both of them .

  • Claire says:

    I would like to nominate Joshua P from Birch. He has been trying really hard and showing resilience in his maths and reading and his writing is really improving. Joshua has also been helping his Daddy in the garden and the sunflower he planted and has been caring for very carefully is nearly as big as he is! Well done Joshua Mummy and daddy are really proud of you!

  • Jane A says:

    I would like to nominate Liam and Riley A. Every day they have left the house around 8 a.m. for a walk\scoot or bike ride. They have completed all their work, always trying hard. It hasn’t always been easy (Dad at work/Mum working from home) but they have stuck to a routine and should be proud of themselves.

  • S Dubey says:

    I would like to nominate David, Natalie and Igor from Ash class for the head of school award. They have not only been diligent in completing their assigned work but they have also been very prompt in responding to and making corrections based on feedback provided. Their dedication, enthusiasm and diligence displayed deserves to be applauded. Well done for being such great role models. Further, a special shout out for Isaac in Ash class for consistently completing his work to an exceptionally high standard. He has stepped up to every challenging task put his way and executed it beautifully. So proud of you!

    Phoebe in Chestnut for a brilliantly written poem inspired by the pobble write image. It was creative, varied and had a dramatic conclusion. Well done!


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