Best wishes to Mrs Archer…

As Poplar class pupils and their families already know, Mrs Archer gave her notice before the school closure and last week was her last week with Lawford Mead. Mrs Archer has been with Lawford Mead for a long time (she was an LSA at the old junior school before), so it’s the end of an era! She will be missed and we wish her and her family the very best.

Of course it’s extra sad to say goodbye when we can’t actually SEE Mrs Archer to say goodbye right now due to the school closure and lockdown. But she has promised to come and visit us all once we have reopened so we can say goodbye properly.

For now you can leave a comment below to say goodbye to Mrs Archer, thank her for her service to the school and community and to send your best wishes.

We’ll miss you Mrs Archer!

16 comments on “Best wishes to Mrs Archer…

  • Immy B says:

    Hello Mrs Archer,
    Even though I wasn’t in you class, I’m really sad you are leaving. You were a really good teacher and I hope you enjoyed your time at Lawford mead.
    Wishing you the best in the future, take care and stay safe.

  • Hello Mrs Archer,

    You were such a great teacher to have and taught me lots . I really hope that you have enjoyed your time at Lawford Mead and I am sure we will all miss you very much.

    Stay Safe and thank you for your assistance
    Best wishes and thank you for everything

  • Dear Mrs Archer,

    We were very sad to hear the news. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a teacher. The only regret is it has been too short. Your cheerful personality has made transition to a new school much less daunting for our boy. Thank you for all your help and recommendations.

    We wish you all the best in your coming endeavour,
    The Nguyen family

  • Valery says:

    Mrs Arccher eventhough I was not in your class we did have some lessons together but I know everyone will miss you alot the school won’t be the same without you stay safe I wish you the best in the future

  • Hello mrs Archer I am gonna miss u u are such a kind independent caring individual and I hope the shcool reopens before I go to high school

    Best wishes x

  • Jake M says:

    Mrs Archer I thank you from them 2 years you taught and I am really sad you are leaving and a huge

    THANK. YOU!!!

    • Mrs Archer says:

      Thank you Jake, remember to believe in yourself!! Good luck in secondary school. Stay safe!

  • Eleanor says:

    Dear Mrs Archer

    Thank you for all the interesting lessons we have had. I’m going to miss you.

    From Eleanor F

    • Mrs Archer says:

      Thank you Ellie, I did get Slime and really enjoyed it! Kerp up all your hard work. Stay safe!

  • Dear Mrs Archer, We have only just found out that you have left Lawford Mead so that means we won’t see your smiling face every morning, to see the childrens faces light up when they saw you.Thank you for your kindness and help for Daniel we know he loved his time with you and learnt so much,you will be missed.Good luck for the future what ever journey you make. Lynn&David(Grandma/Grandad)

    • Mrs Archer says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I wish you and all your family all the best in the future. Stay Safe!


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