New Year’s Aspirations

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Happy New Year to our families and community. In assemblies today we talked about our New Year’s Aspirations. These are our hopes and ambitions for the year ahead.

Can you leave a comment below with your aspirations for 2020? Here are some of the children’s ideas from the assemblies today…

“Helping more at home, especially in the mornings.”

“Be more independent in lessons.”

“Practice my times tables more.”

“Discover more books and authors I like and read more.”

“Recycling more and picking up litter.”

“Get a 100% attendance badge this term.”

“Eat more healthily.”

“Be more positive.”

“Improve my handwriting and spelling.”

“Be creative and make things.”

“Take part in more competitions.”

“Raise more money for charity.”

“Exercise more.”

You could try this fun activity on the CBBC website to give you ideas!

2 comments on “New Year’s Aspirations

  • Miss Mullinger says:

    Cedar class is making these resolutions:
    – Jay said to play video games less.
    – Jake said to play outside more.
    – Ashlynn said to be on time to school everyday.
    – Theo said to improve my football skills.
    – Miah said to complete my homework every week.
    – Ellie said to help my family more.
    – Bethany said to keep my room tidy.
    – Baran said to be nice to people.

  • Mr Poyton says:

    Thank you Miss Mullinger and Cedar class. Please award 2 aspiration points to all those children you mention!


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