WotW and Reflection

This week’s Word of the Week is…exquisite. It means beautiful, detailed and delicate. Can you use it in conversation and your writing next week?

Thank you to the Y6 girls who wrote our Friday assembly reflection time this week. We always like to hear what has been on the mind of our Year 6 role models during the week and what they think is important. Here is what they wrote and read to us all today…

Be respectful to others

Try your best in whatever you are doing and never give up.

We need to take care of one another to make good friendships.

Always listen in class to improve your progress in learning.

Show respect towards all our school values.

One comment on “WotW and Reflection

  • Andrew says:

    In the present climate in this country it is so good, so mature and sadly counter culture to hear that Yr 6 are prioritising respect of others, especially those we disagree with. Well done. You will be those who have the chance to moderate and change the conversations in the next 20 years.


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