House Captains, Reader Leaders, Reflection and WotW

We announced our House Captains in assembly today. These proud Year 6 role models were voted in by pupils across the school after they wrote and delivered speeches. arguing why they should represent their house teams (Foxes, Badgers, Hedgehogs and Squirrels) throughout the year. Congratulations to all 8 house captains!

We awarded our new ‘Reader Leaders’ award today for the first time. Our new trophy, a certificate and bonus adventure playground time goes to the class who read the most during the week. Remember to read and use your reading record every day if you want to be ‘Leading in Reading’!

Here is our reflection poem from assembly, written by two Y6 girls who have thinking about our well-being when we feel worried….

You may not think some days are good days but there is always good in every day. Push through those hard days to make good days happen.

Remember you’re not the only one who feels this way. If you have any worries, you’re not alone so talk to someone about it.

Just be you.

Finally, our new Word of the Week is…distraught. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to look it up and see if you can use it in your conversations and writing this week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Poyton

One comment on “House Captains, Reader Leaders, Reflection and WotW

  • Wow, I’m really happy for the house captains!! Referencing the nice poem, you can always tell someone about how you are feeling if you are distraught. A sensible person who would understand, like a friend, parent or a teacher. It’s not very pleasant keeping your feelings bottled up. 🙂


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