Passion, Public Speaking & WotW!

This week’s WotW (Word of the Week) is… discombobulated ! It has a similar meaning to confused but you can research the word to find out more about it. Can you use it in your writing? In a comment below? Thank you to the Year 4 pupil who gave us this week’s word.

This year we are introducing the Mighty Oak public speaking programme into our curriculum so all our children can learn to speak confidently and fluently to audiences. Year 6 had their first lesson in the hall today. Se the picture above. They were brilliant and did a great job as role models in celebration assembly this afternoon, giving introductions and giving out awards.

Two boys from Year 6 wrote and read out a fantastic acrostic poem about our value of passion for reflection time today. Check it out…

P assion is a vital part of our lives. If we didn’t show it, school could be a waste of time.

A lso, if we did not show it, no progress would be made and we would not get anywhere in our lives.

S ome things we can live without, but passion we need without a doubt.

S haring your passion with your peers can help you face your fears.

I nspiring others is a great thing to do, it costs nothing and is good for you.

O ver time your passion will grow, if you never try you’ll never know.

N ever stop doing what you love, don’t let anything get you down and never go home with a frown.

Thank you for the fantastic example you are setting Year 6!

Mr Poyton

P.S. Don’t forget that Monday is National Teaching Assistant Day so don’t forget to say thank you to an LSA for all the help they give…and why not give them a compliment while you’re at it?

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