WOTWC & top tips for keeping cool

This week’s WOTWC (Word of the Week Challenge!) is…excruciating. This is an adjective that means extremely painful. For example: I broke my toe and the pain was excruciating! Can you use this word in another sentence? Leave a comment below.

In assembly we discussed top tips for keeping cool in this hot, sunny weather. The children had some great ideas including:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take breaks in the shade.
  • Put suncream on in the morning.
  • Don’t wear jumpers or coats but do wear a sunhat.

Can you leave a comment with any more top tips below. ..?

Mr Poyton

One comment on “WOTWC & top tips for keeping cool

  • Mr Pearson says:

    Birch’ top tips for staying cool:
    Bring a water bottle to school every day.
    Put ice in a water bottle to keep it cool.
    Take it easy on the playground (don’t run around too much).


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