Facing fears…with FUN!

In our assemblies today we talked about how we can face our fears by showing our school value of passion. If we are having fun, we forget our worries! Of course, we also have trusted adults around us to help us and keep us safe. At Grangewaters, children in Year 5 & 6 felt confident and brave enough to do daring things like climbing because they had expert adults helping them and because they were so busy enjoying themselves!

When we feel worried about making mistakes in our learning we can remember there is always help close by. But if you enjoy your learning, it gives you the confidence to take risks and overcome a challenge.

In Key Stage 2 ‘s assembly we also watched a video about an amazing 95 year old man who parachuted into battle on D Day in World War II, 75 years ago. This week he is going to parachute on to that beach in France again! This time he won’t be scared. He will enjoy it as it is important to him that we honour the memory of his friends who sadly died in battle.

What fear will you face this week or this term? How will you overcome your worries and succeed? What can you do to help others?

3 comments on “Facing fears…with FUN!

  • Andrew says:

    Fear. We have nothing to fear but fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Being alone in a city in another country whilst my family are at home, work & school. Its not so long ago that in this situation there could only be awkwardly timed brief phone calls.
    Any fear is dissipated through having full confidence in the family & friends, relatives & teachers back at home. Technology really helps. I can video call for free each day to hear what the children have learnt at school (and how homework is going!). This too reduces any fears.
    I’m so glad that the Grangewaters trip allowed for fear to be challenged & faced down. Well done Lawford Mead. Andrew Parent governor


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