Happy Half Term!

What a week! It was a short half term but everyone has earned a rest!

  • Our rounders team (see photo above) made us very proud in a local tournament. They are are through to the Chelmsford finals and if they win again they could enter the County stage of the tournament!
  • Year 5&6 children returned from our residential trip, tired but buzzing from a week of adventure. See some photos here.
  • Children have been publishing their best writing for display and wow, it is impressive stuff. Read this extract, from David in Year 2…In a sandy, blustery desert grows a weird and scary plant. It is gloomy and slimy. It was so terrible and frightening. How does it grow? What shiny spikes it has! Suddenly a powerful, purple bird popped out of the plant and it was bright and beautiful. Unexpectedly, the creature flapped its wings so fast that made a sandstorm…
  • Children have been working very hard to improve in all areas of learning and prove to themselves what they can achieve when they put their mind to it.. Check out this handwriting from Mason in Year 3 and compare it to his efforts from just a month before.

Back to it in June! Let’s see how much learning and achievement we can squeeze into the final weeks of the school year!

Mr Poyton

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