Word of the Week Challenge: jubilant

Our latest whole school word of the week is…


This is an adjective that mean feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph. For example… Many jubilant pupils shouted with joy when the house team winner was announced.

Can you use jubilantcorrectly in a sentence this week, perhaps in a comment below…?

Of course, we can’t feel jubilant all the time. In today’s KS2 assembly we talked about ‘mental health’. It’s very normal to feel worried, sad or angry. Life can be challenging and we need resilience. Dealing with negative emotions like fear or anger doesn’t necessarily mean we have a problem with our mental health. Our feelings are what make us human! But is is important to talk through our emotions with a trusted adult so we can understand our thoughts and feelings and they don’t stay in our head for too long or make it difficult for us to live our lives. Asking for help and talking helps us have good mental health, as will exercise, sleep, a good diet and even having fun!

We watched the 3rd and 4th videos on this Newsround webpage in case you want to watch again with family and discuss at home:

Mr Poyton

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