Word of the Week Challenge: incandescent

This week’s new word of the week, suggested by a teacher and chosen by the children is…


This word is an adjective that can describe an object that is glowing with light because it is hot, like a light bulb. But it can also describe a person who is so full of happy emotions, it’s almost like they are glowing!

So, for example…

The incandescent lava flowed down the volcano.


The pupil was incandescent with pride when he showed his writing to Mr Poyton and they compared it to work from September.

That last one is a true story! See below. What amazing progress!

3 comments on “Word of the Week Challenge: incandescent

  • Andrew says:

    What a great improvement. That’s what Lawford Mead teachers & LSAs can do with our children. As much as encouraging our children is a good way to increase their confidence it would be positive for staff if we remember to encourage them in their work too.


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